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Guest Post by Linze Brandon

Please put you hands for sweet and pretty Women 'Linze Brandon' who has written a different book called 'Michaels Mystery ' .
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What kind of girl Michael loves to be with

Without giving away the details of the story: Michael is not human. Or not only human. As the lead investigator of the Lord of the High Council, he travels throughout the universe. He sees the dark side of all sentient beings and has become a little jaded over the course of his long life.

Women are drawn to his charismatic personality, not realising that it is a skill that he employs to interrogate people and get them to reveal information. The fact that he works for the High Lords, the highest authority in the universe for all sentient magic users and supernatural beings, makes him even more attractive to the opposite sex. A handsome man, with such powerful connections, is as irresistible as Ri’atian Gold whiskey. No one ever says no to him.

Of course he enjoys women, but his relationships (if you could call them that) are fleeting and physical. Focused on the moment, rather than the future. He never stays long in one place. Certainly not long enough for him get attached. But like all of his kind, he wants a mate but his chances of finding her are almost zero.
You see, Michael is seeking a mate that is both rare and exceptional. He can only be mated to a true innocent—it is the only way to satisfy both sides of his nature. Since it will be a life commitment, his expected life span is counted in millennia, he does not want to make a mistake that cannot be undone.
True innocents are beings, not necessarily human, who have either exceptional intelligence or other abilities that makes them treasures to their societies. True innocents change people’s lives just by being there, by interacting with them, by being themselves. But history have shown them to be rare, only a few are born in each millennium, and the universe was a big place. So where does one go to find the treasure of his heart? Certainly not on a desert planet where the leader is responsible for the deaths his own people?
But the woman with the red hair and the red eyes makes something inside of him sit up and take notice. A healer who risked her life to protect her people. A woman whose eyes whispered secrets he was itching to uncover. A women whose kisses turned his blood to lava, and his other half to roar in frustration at his human counterpart’s blindness. Yet here she was.

When he eventually realised that a potential mate had just crossed his path, he wasn't the kind of man to let an opportunity for a lifetime of happiness slip through his fingers.

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