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Book Review of Equinox by Madhuri Maitra

Madhuri Maitra

The Blurb
When Indus Publishers announces a short story competition, it affects the lives of the ensemble cast in unexpected ways. A jaded journalist, a bored housewife, a starry-eyed ambitious girl, an army colonel, an impoverished divorcee-all enter the competition for pressing reasons of their own. They emerge with only slightly deeper pockets than they had but far richer in experience. Social issues are explored in an engaging manner, entwined in the lives of the characters-this is indeed the way of life. The novel also promises an enchanting look at the diversity in India; the characters belong to different Indian states and embody the peculiarities of the people of that region. Equinox and its checkered characters step to music of their own; many readers will find that it resonates with their own inner music.

Book Review: 
I received this as a review from author herself via The Blog Tours conducted by The Book Club .Thank you Rubina Ramesh for the same .

Interesting ! Interesting ! Interesting !

You all might thinking that I am sounding like the salewalas of a saree shop then you right in feeling like that because the book Equinox  is worth reading an million types .Due the following reasons
  • This book relates to the desires of persons who have a passion for writing .
  • To gain a new identity .
  • In order to full fill their  desires and solve the  problem brewing in lives people from all walks of life start writing as a huge about of money is given in reward.

The Author Madhuri Maitra has portrayed every character and their problems in an effective way . All the  characters come from different walks of life like A bored  housewife from Mumbai, An Army  Officer from Mussoorie , A jaded travel journalist  from Kerala , A impoverished   divorcee from Delhi and A starry ambition girl from Vashi.

The Author has described the functioning of  a publication house very well.She also has portrayed the emotions , fears  and helplessness of the wannabe writers in an effect manner  which every person having a passion to write can relate it .

The most interesting part of this book is that when the writers do some research for their stories the find some untold facts about the  respective  places .For eg : the jaded journalist finds out that Kerala is most developed state than others states but is shocked  when he comes to know  that people go aboard to earn their living despite the  fact.

A highly recommended read to all the book who intend to write articles , short stories and book some day.
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Meet the Author

Always an avid reader, dreaming of delighting her own readers someday, Madhuri published her first two books in 2014. Haiku and other Micropoetry is a collection of short verse on nature and on life; while Equinox is a novel dealing with urban realities. While the former is pithy and thought-provoking, the latter is a simple reflection of modern lives.
Madhuri lives and teaches in Pune. Films are as close to her heart as books are; she teaches Film Appreciation in addition to Creative Writing. She enjoys bringing her favourite authors and films
to young minds. She also conducts workshops for children and adults. She has also written and published papers on films and on writing. Visit her website http://of-prose-and-poetry.com/#/otherpublications for details.
She is currently enjoying the monsoon, immersing herself in her personal library and nurturing
ideas for her third book.

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  1. Thanks for sharing about the book :)

    1. My Pleasure Nabanita . The book is quiet intriguing :-).
      Thanks for stopping by .
      Have a nice day :-).
      Hugs <3.

  2. The book does sound interesting and you've given it a good review. Every writer would have their own character, which would add drama and conflict to the plot.

    1. Yes the book is quiet interesting &intriguing Francene :-).
      Well Said !Every Writer indeed has his /her way to sketch the characters and that would add drama and conflict to the plot .
      Have a nice day :-).
      Hugs <3.


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