Thursday, 20 August 2015

Tales of N And V Part Six

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V who is sleeping gets  up on hearing moaning and groaning sounds underneath his quilt .Removing the quilt  he sees Preeti , Pushkari and N snuggle into it and giggling at him .Seeing them giggle at him for no reason made him feel good and happy .N gets up quickly and  within seconds she refreshers herself and goes to the the kitchen to fix something ... meaning breakfast 

Vikram ...immediately strums his guitar  while N makes his favourite breakfast item of rava idilis with coriander chutney as his daughters Pushkari and Preeti are bathing. Feeling too churned up N  looks at V with her pale blank eyes .Vikram 's heart twisted when he sees  the dullness in his N  eyes .Immediately he stops strumming his guitar .Keeping his guitar aside he hugs N from behind and turns her face towards him.Keeping her face aligned to his .V takes her lips into his and chews  her lips like  it is some kind of an juicy fruit.N responds to him with a lot of ferociousness and crying .

V hugged her tightly by caressing her and said "Darling  Maya is our past and no more emotional low will dawn on us but if our daughter do something which we do not like then they will have to pay a huge price for this ."

Hearing this Preeti gets scared and summons Pushkari .I  do not know  what Maya aunty did  to scare our parents so much so that they have lost their appetite .
"Dad..I really want here to your story even if  aches our  heart" Preeti and Pushkari chorused. 
Beta.... it is not like that V looking at N whispered 'It is something different' that made N blush a lot at his words.
Hmm.. clearing his throat he said "Lets got out on a family date" .
All of them started shouting hip hip  hurray  as they left home for a family date a 'paisa vassol date '.
Maya .... who  had come there  with a solid plan ..has finally felt ashamed of her own actions and returns back home  by paying goondas for their jobs . 
As she realized a need of family like her brother V has.

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