Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Tales of N and V Part Seven

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Pa why you are scared off Maya Auntie  . Hmm U mm Beta ....Your Maya is the cause of the heart aches which we had gone through in early stages of our lives .Trust me children I feel worse to remember those moments .But then we would share with you both  our love story only under one condition   that you break ties with Mohan and Rohan...Pa how is it possible ?Pushkari and Preeti responded unanimously.

Beta our story will force you to break the ties with them."Our story starts with my love story with Maya who actually is not my sister "V said by keeping N hands on his thighs  .

My first love :I feel in love with Maya for her charms which she had shown during those days when I was not a matured  guy .  Slowly slowly when I slightly became little matured   I could not handle Maya 's temper tantrums then ....later on  Namarata i.e. your mom comes into my life as a 'Relationship Adviser  basically a counselor .

Then ...what happen ?Pushkari queered.Then ..chaos in our lives began and then fights  , war of wills ...that means showing off their powers and paws (having a cat fight ) started .In the midst of this...N closes her eyes and says 'It's lunch time dearies come let's have lunch first then Pa shall continue with the remaining half of the story '.
'No Namrata we have let go our past dear' Vikram said frowning at his wife N.With tear sipping through her eyes she comes back and sits too close with her head resting on his shoulders  .V puts his arm around her  shoulders and pulls  her close.

V continued by saying Maya spun a web of lies regarding your mother N which hurt my feeling a lot . I did  not speak to her after that  and eventually got married to Maya....But day the truth of Maya's web of lies came in front of me which left me no where. I started feeling hopeless as well as depressed .One day when my friend saw my condition he decided to speak to her . Then after his friend spoke to me regarding your father's V's health condition .I decided to treat him and rest is history you must know dearies .

 Pushkari smiled at them and said "Pa ...Ma ...Today I realize your apprehensions of us  befriending and loving Mohan and Rohan".
 Saying so she hugs them lovingly. 


With lots of Love and Hugs

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