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Tales of N and V Part Four

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Darn.... You are Namaratha's daughters Maya aunty  said acidly  having a sly grin on her face. Preeti and Pushkari shivered looking at her as they entered their friend's  place.Much before their  friend could entire this scene they decided to way away from Maya aunty .

So... with whatever sense  they had and what their heart wished /said they did .Preeti and Pushkari with great audacity tries  to get out of the trap which Maya aunty has laid  for them.
Finally we have come out of it safely...Preeti looking into Pushkari eyes said and runs towards their villa.Ringing the door bell of their house panic ally. Preeti faints down and Pushkari hides  behind the shrubs  by pulling her unconscious sister there.

Maya Madam "No body is there here"One of goondas hired by Maya to harm  them said. Accha... O.K. come back now as I know where they are hiding ."Now we have plan something bigger to give N and V a bigger and grander anniversary gift " Maya laughed aloud  with her  the goondas hired by Maya too laughed.

It was 6 am when Vikram heard some voices along with  the sparrows chirping.Walking in the direction of voice he sees Preeti and Pushkari lying behind the shrubs .Touching their foreheads with his palms he finds that they are having  fever ..Preeti and Pushkari   wake up 'Bacchus' V says softly .No one responded . Fear of losing them griped his heart so in a harried and loud voice  he calls his wife N....N hearing his unsteady voice run out from where the voice comes. When her footsteps lands in the garden she sees him waking them up with a desolated look on his face.
N looks at him and says  " Vikram.... this must be Maya's work,and fetches some water from the tap located near the shrubs to sprinkle some water  on their faces."After sprinkling water on their faces. Preeti and Pushkari   stared at them blindly for sometime and hugged them tightly with tear rolling their cheeks .

N with great audacity said "Dare if Maya plans something against her family and hugs them ".V  feels happy that his family is safe from his cruel sister 's emotional out burst that made him feel so vulnerable.

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  1. In interesting scenario. I appreciate that you are writing in another language from your mother tongue, which must be difficult. The more you write, the better you'll become.

  2. Thank you Francene for your encouraging words.:-).Your comments make my day .
    Have a pleasant day .
    Hugs <3.


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