Sunday, 23 August 2015

Wordless Wednesday #95 @Abracadabra

I  do not know the name of this particular bird   but this bird that comes and sits of on our window sill  has sweet voice .
But then when I was capturing it's picture through my camera it got too scared of me and so it's  body is standing erect (puffed) .

With lots of Love and Hugs 

Writer Gal


  1. Can't see clearly, but is it the Koel?

    Always a pleasure to have you on board, Ash

    1. Oh I see it :-).The bird that day was not in great mood to pose for me and and so ....the picture did not come clearly .
      It is the Indian Robin (Female & Male) - Saxicolides fulicataFeatures : A reddish vent and a graduated black tail that is almost always perked up characterizes this ...

      Thank you Ruchira for giving me such a wonderful opportunity to show case my talent :-)
      Have a nice day .
      Hugs <3


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