Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Tales of N and V Part Five

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N...........V seductively calls her out from the balcony. Namarata comes to the balcony with two cups of piping hot masala milk .The night sky looked quiet beautiful as the stars are  wonderfully spread.  It made them feel like nice topping on cake i.e.. is the sky.V....darling what are thinking about? N  who is   standing next to him sipping her hot masala milk enquires. Hmm nothing ....sweetheart  he says sipping his favourite hot masala  milk from his coffee mug.

Oye Rock Star tell no na N nudges V."I am just rewinding memories of our togetherness until Maya entered the picture " he says pontifically .

Ha ha those days it seems like as if I was acting in some kind of movie or serials which had love triangle in it.Maya...being like the  vampire  women whose main intention was to get me out of your life N said licking the residues of masala milk from her glass.And not only that but also she brought a child who was forced to tell lies 'That I was his father 'V said with chuckle.

I know ....Namarata retorted but it was only  our trust, faith and love for each  other that gave us the  guts to face challenges easily not like to Gen X movies and kids. Today's Gen X kids do not know true meaning of love .They think love  is to get intimate with an handsome guy with no strings attached. 

What did you just say !V controlling  his laughter exclaimed.N suddenly felt shy and hugged him tightly.V started laughing and it infectious spread through his body to her .Namarata lifts her head "Dare if you think our romance is like like Shuudh Desi Romance".

Well ....Madam our Romance is unique like us no film maker would have the daring  to make a movie on our love story .

Yea Yea.... N says lifting her head and making an eye contact with him .His eyes are blazing with desire .Kissing his lips N says "Dear today love has become like fast food .If  you six or more than that exs your are termed to be 'Cool 'otherwise a great 'Loser '.Like our neighbourhood princess  Mira who thinks 'Pyaar dosti hai 'we also had fallen for such deep perception  but our prof Kalkoti  had cleared our this perception with ease  that  'Love is keeping each other  trust and faith intact you see' ". 

Haan yaar and those days we never realized this fact as we fought like Tom and Jerry. Gah  yaar ! V exclaimed.If at all we were aware of this fact .Nah after my name Vikram a divorcee would not be tagged .He said with a lot of pain .

Lets go inside sweet heart it is already 1 am  and our daughters are not well too so we have to keep a watchful eyes on them as we do not know what Maya has done with them.This name creates shivers in me as I myself suffered the emotional torture caused by your sister.

Seeing her face go pale V hugs her and says our daughter Preeti and Pushkari  who are young now slowly will understand our problems ."Do not let your mind wander about in these matters saying so V lifts his light- weight wife N up kissing her forehead he comes indoors    from the balcony and closes the door of balcony  with the  help of his leg.

With Lots of Love and Hugs 

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