Sunday, 28 June 2015

Neeta's wishes----- #100 words on Saturday powered by Write

Neeta has a birth defect .She is differently able but a beautiful looking   lady which makes her unique from the rest of the crowd. Her biological clock is ticking .Neeta family is worried about her marriage. She wishes that she should get normal guy. But will she get it is big question in her family's mind. Neeta is determined that she will   marry a guy who is normal and to a person who accepts her whole heartedly. Her family gets tired of telling her to do little compromises in this regard. But she does not accepts it instead She asks her mother" tumare bhagvan kucch sunta hai kya? ".

To get Neeta married off to some guy her mother makes garland for Lord. Only to find Neeta crying in front of infant lord Krishna and questions his leela. Neeta's mother tries to coax her but Neeta looks at her mother and says "Good whatever you want". These words of Neeta hurt her mother. But what about the Neeta's wishes hmm? How will Neeta get it?.From here the journey beings of finding new hopes and spirits 

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