Sunday, 28 June 2015

Breathless am I-----A poem for Wow Prompt.

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  Breathless am I ,

When I see him smile ,

A smile that takes me  miles away .

Breathless am I,

When I see him dancing around the trees,

Thinking I will be jealous of humming Bees.

Breathless am I ,

Seeing the kids jump in delight like frog,

Fear creeps in my heart when I see tiny tots playing like flies in glee.

Breathless am I ,

When I see people judge a person's attitude with an invisible balance,

He sees me with a   impossible challenge that  which  I can see dancing through  his eyes.

Breathless am I,

When I see the breathtaking beauty of the mountains clad with glaciers,

It bring tears in my eyes dear without even using glycerine.

Breathless am I ,

When I get such wonderful prompts from ,

As they bring out  the future poet William worth out of me .

With Lots of Love and Hugs

Writer Gal

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