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Rids sees a tree fallen in the college building and sings
"Seeing you I grew up,
Danced like never before hiding behind you,
Sang inspiring songs that came out of my mouth,
Oh boy! When I toy seeing you lying like this,
My heart cries out trying to revive you up,
As you were the one who used to protect me from the other wises of the world
Hail in peace oh dear friend my soul mate".

Reading these lines her professor Simi felt tears trickle down her eyes. The professor patted her and said "Rids my child well done I am proud these lines are wonderful from where drawn inspiration". Rids did not utter anything and asked her teacher some water to drink .Professor  being observant gives her water and walks away from the spot to cheek others work. After a while she comes out of class and informs her husband Mr. Vivek Anand regarding his daughter dark mood as Simi is her step mother.
Mr. Vivek Anand who is in office feels tired of Rids mood swing and decides put her in a hostel forever. Once on reaching home he sees his daughter nowhere around the house and the building   he sees Rids sitting next to the fallen tree as if it was her soul mate.
This made him realize that his marriage to Simi should have been secondary as his daughter rids well -being always comes first. But whatever has happened is happened now he could change anything .As change has made Rids more sober and   which he dislikes.

Days passed by making Rids warily of everything around him .One day out of blue she announced that she has got a job in the forest ministry in Delhi and so....her family could live happily as she did not want see Simi who has replaced her natural stuff like flowers, leaves and shells with artificial flowers, leaves and shell which Rids hates.
Rids went through this happily as she did wish to trouble her father. Rids father comes to know about Simi's behaviour through her other professors and students of the Mug college   which he did not come know via Rids.

As the days got nearer she missed her father's hugs a lot .The day of departure   to Delhi arrived she along with her suitcases and air bag waited to see her Pa. Mr. Vivek Anand could not be seen around and with a heavy heart she felt home .While car driver driving her car suddenly takes a U turn and stops at place familiar to her. "Driver why did you stop hears "Rids questioned him.
He removes   his white cap, unbuttons his over coat jacket slowly and turns himself entirely having a smile on his face.
Pa...... She shouts and hugs him tightly in disbelief as Mr Vivek Anand is ever growing tree of her life that which can not fade away so easily.


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  1. Nice read. Touching. At some point in time, we will miss the Hug of our parents

    1. Well said Ajay :-).At some point of life we miss their hugs as we behave oddly with them because we have started to think in a worldly wise manner.
      Thank you for your kind words. Good to see you after a long time .
      Have a nice day.

  2. Nice read. Parents are always special

    1. Very True Parents are embodiments of divinity .
      Thank you Tina for dropping in :-).
      Have a nice day .
      Hugs <3.

  3. Well said! I miss my dad every day...

    1. Awwh so sweet of you to remember him .Dads are best part of our lives.
      Thanks for stopping by ;-).
      Hugs <3.


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