Saturday, 27 June 2015

The waves

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Zia looks outside her eyes totally immersed in his beauty .Jim buries his eyes into eyes and smiles at her."Hey gorgeous how are you ".The husky dusky voice undid her and staring at bare chest Zia wishes that she could touch him. Trying to distract herself from the need she gets up from the chair and shows him a paper. Seeing the paper he says June adaptive ...His Beautiful June born in  the rains of Delhi  is finally getting adapted to the sandy beaches of Goa ...
'Sighing 'Jim calls out  for  June  his dancing  beauty who is  enjoying her swim.
"Be adaptive like a child in all situations is good for one's heath" his friend's wise words ring his heart whenever he sees Zia. Zia the girl whom he hated from the bottom of his heart is now his life without her life cannot be colourful. June lets go home! Jim exclaims looking at his daughter who is engrossed in her play. Lifting June up playfully he goes back home only to see a huge wave coming towards the shore with a great gusto but the wave loses his magnitude when touches the shore as it gives a huge hug to the wave.
Seeing this he remembers Zia's unconditional love and support which she showers on him every day. June slips off Jim's shoulders and jumps in joy as her mother Zia has baked their favourite strawberry cake.

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