Saturday, 20 June 2015

In life be like a happy man and Daya bhabhi of Tarak Mehta ka Ooltha Chasma fame


Beta why  don't do Yoga ?.Kavita asks.
Ma......please  I  am busy these day you know so lets have an argument over this topic  later hmm...Navvya says with mild irritation building in her.
Kavita making a grumpy face goes out of her room and starts searching for  her husband in order throw her frustration on him which Navvya's father is well aware of and in order to escape her  constant bickering against his daughter he jogs  a mile extra daily in the  nearby joggers park.

Navvya and her parents live in posh located which has a  huge joggers park.It is so nice to see and feel the cool breeze whistling into ears.One day while Kavita and her husband are walking they see Navvya playing football with her friends and going some asana's with them.Seeing this sight Kavita gets shocked and in bewilderment she blink her eyes as  she felt she is dreaming with her open eyes. Looking into her husband's  eyes she asks "What Jadoo you did " she question . 
What Jadoo  I  did not do anything regarding this and any-ways our  daughter is responsible girl so stop worrying about her health and career Kavita! He exclaims and joins his friends to do some  Yoga asanas.
Kavita while jogging she sees her daughter laugh as remembers Navvya's words  "Ma  in life be like a happy man and Daya bhabhi of Tarak Mehta ka Ooltha Chasma  fame then only we can live a healthy smiling life these exercises give temporary relief to our bodily pain but laughter not only removes fat but also makes our body energetic isn't it ?" .

Finally leaving a satisfied sigh she sits on the park bench and  sees the beautifying nature  which mists her eyes.As her wishes are answered .

Happy International Yoga day to All 

Be Happy Be Healthy.

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  1. Ah, yes. Gazing at nature relieves the stress and frustration of life.

    1. Well said Francene :-).
      Nice to see you here after a very long time.
      Have a Pleasant day.
      Hugs <3.


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