Sunday, 14 June 2015

Wordy Wednesday and Blogging #Tip #2- June 2015

                         Photo Source :Devika Fernando s Timeline

Ugly Tina sailed through the streets of Mumbai which gives a lot of joy as people here gave her lot love and respect that she did not get in Jamshedpur at her parents place .Love is only one thing she yearned for years but she could not get it as she is the ugly duckling of the town that which her people did not appreciate it at all.

But with the help of granny she landed in Mumbai but here she is being treated shabby by her sister- brother in law.Tina leaves their house forever.
Years flow by without a word or news from her.
Until one day the great Hollywood film actress Tina visits them with her daughter actress Palma Ray and her director husband Keegan Ray he who changed her life.Seeing her like this .Her sister and her brother-law are in shock to see her in all new avatar.
Finally Tina is powerful yet Grateful to them as without their help she would not reached this level
I downloaded this shared image from Devika Fernando Author timeline for writing a prompt.

This prompt is powdered by  B-A-R 

With Lots of  Love and Hugs 

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