Thursday, 4 June 2015

Sia's Life @ Write Tribe Festival of Words #4

Photo Source: Devika Fernando s Timeline.
Sia is satisfied with her looks. The contentment in her eyes, sinless beauty, curves, long fitful legs and arms, dark lustrous hair, red gown and cream externalize the feeling oneness. She felt happy at last to pose as muse for painter who made her laugh with his humor. The buzz world behaved nastily with her .But a young boy middling with her things, decayed lipsticks and sandals stares at her with twinkle in his eyes as he see her portrait thrown in trash can. . Because this admirable and adorable is his aunt who wounded his mother Ruby's feelings and gainsay. Life moves on. Today Sia is posing as muse for the painter the garden, the air and the swanky bungalow in which she has been asked to take rest began to behave oddly disrupting the every possible attempt to give a perfect pose for the painter but it just could not be possible as something in her stopped her from continuing .Calling off her shoots she went inside only to see her portrait die in the trash can. Rushing down through the swanky bungalow and the garden she hurts her ankle. Walking down through the trash can Sia is reminded of her sister Ruby whom she ill treated and sheds tears for her As Ruby had a beautiful nature for which the world admired her but on the contrary she never understand her family and relations and so the buzz world behaved with her in rude and disgruntled way.
She realizes this and her life becomes tasteless as wisdom rises that her love only adores her looks and her real inner beauty .when she sees a happy loving couple playing with a bunch of beautiful of girls and boy ----The happy couple is none other than her sister Ruby and painter for whom she has been posing happily with all heart for him.

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