Sunday, 21 June 2015

My City by me powered by Wow Prompt

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My city by me  is like a beautiful garden,
Full of roses here and there,
That makes me sing ' Tum Mile toh jeena aagaya'.

My city by me  is like a  life swing,
High and tides in our lives opens up a new wing,
Wings of heart yearns for his glimpse.

My city by me is like a  lovers paradise,
Guys and girls wander here and there in delight,
Seeing this make me wonder what does 'saccha pyaar reallymean'.

My city by  me is like children's playground,
Dirt and dust are their best friends,
Watching them skies express their happiness by pouring heavily.

My city by me is like  being myself ,
Determination and dedication is all a new component,
As I see the city today through the glass plains my heart feels in delight because it has given everything for me to enjoy.

With Lots of Love and Hugs 

Writer Gal


  1. Brought a smile to my always grouch face....
    A nice post.. :)

    1. Very nice to hear that Navaneeth ! .Thanks for appreciating my works.
      Have a nice day.


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