Friday, 19 June 2015

Ryan's Anger

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Ritz and Ryan see the children playing in the garden they wonder where their bacchapan went. Ritz smiles at his words and says "Chalo lets do some art work". Ryan nodes and joins her while doing the art work Ritz sees Ryan engrossed in painting and slashing red colour on him that makes him angry .Ryan yelled at Ritz bacchpana and left his painting as it is and  went out of house. As he comes down the staircase he pushes his little daughter down that causes injury in her leg. Once after reaching the ground floor of the building he sees his daughter fallen down near the staircase he immediately rushes her to a nearby nursing home but Ritz's daughter did not like him as Ryan got into another with her mother. Few days later when Ritz requested her daughter to forgive her husband Ryan's mistake she happily does it and enjoy life to fullest with a protective shield around her i.e. her father  
Still after 20 years the guilt of having hurt his daughter just because of his uncontrollable temper still eats him up though his daughter has forgiven him for this mistake over and over. That makes Ritz very proud of daughter and the way in which she has brought her up (Parverish)

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