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Wordy Wednesday and Blogging #Tip #1- June 2015

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Valhi  screams in fears as she sees a  lit candle coming towards her room .She sees it jump on her table .Reading a book in kindle  the voice speak hmm .Hearing the voice she clutches the pillow which is  lying on the bed with  her calmly hands as her body shivered in fear she with the help of  her  strong will power   asks the voice "Who are you". The voice laughs aloud and disappears  making her sweat profusely .When she feels a feature touch  on her face.Vicky  !she screams and faints .Valhi Valhi  .... got scared of me .Who on this earth do you think can give you such a terrific surprise. She stared at him blankly and her body felt cold against him. In panic he tried to all techniques wake her up only to find her laughing at him with a lot of openness. That made him scream  in horror of losing her. As she was his lost Ruby Jewel named 'Valhi '.

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    1. Yes Very True Vinay Leo R.:-).Sometimes life also give us a taste of Scary things like aircraft accidents , disappearance of plane and etc...things so we have to be strong from within and faces scares boldly .
      Thanks for dropping in .
      Have a great Evening .

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    1. Yes :-).Thank you Laurel for reading my stories

      Have a nice day .

      Hugs <3

  3. that was a bit scary. Ms. story teller. :)

    1. HahAaaaa so ..someone here got scared hmm ...:-)
      Thank you Isaan's father for dropping in a comment.
      Have a nice day.

  4. Such a scary thought but sometimes it can cause a lot of trouble.

    1. V.True Inderpreet.Your prompt'Scream ' evoked these kinds of feelings.:-)
      Have a pleasant Sunday.
      Hugs <3.


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