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Book Review of Delirium by Sowmya Aji

Soumya Aji
A Harper Collins Publication

Sports, Love, Steroids... Will love win? 

I was addicted. 
To him. 

Anjana Narendra just can’t keep her head straight when it comes to the nation’s heartthrob,cricket vice-captain Avinash Katagi.The mere sight of him sets the heart of this thirty-one-year-old television journalist pounding, and fills her stomach with butterflies. He seems smitten too – taking her out for romantic walks in the botanical gardens, appearing by her side when she has a road accident,knocking on her door in the middle of the night. Even as Anjana is swept off her feet into a whirlwind romance,the reporter within her sniffs out the biggest scoop of the season. all too soon, she is neck-deep in trouble with her bosses and the cricket board, struggling to make sense of the sordid world of steroids and celebs. Will anjana give up the delicious young man she is hooked on to? and does she even want to? Sinful and alluring, Delirium is a heady cocktail of intrigue, temptation and betrayal.

Book Review :

I received this book as a review copy from the author .Thank you The Book Club and Rubina Ramesh for the same. Delirium is excellent book to read .The book is based upon cricket, intake of drugs and journalist who tries to expose them. It is mixture of steamy affair, high octane drama and nail biting suspense. When you read this hair rising book you would not feel like getting up from your place.

The emotions of

·    Anju ---------The journalist.
·   Avinash Katagi --------the national hero and vice captain of Indian Cricket Team.
·   Ratan----a Senior Cricketer and The captain of Indian Cricket Team.
·  And others are described in an enchanting and   eloquent way.

Sowmya Aji has written this book in a very beautiful way. The situations and action packed drama are penned in a fantastic way. This mixture of steamy affair, high octane drama and suspense are proportionally divided .There is no dull moment while reading this book. The pace of story is normal.
Sowmya Aji has described the BCCI's attitude towards the issues like drugs addiction and the intake of steroid by some players of the Indian Cricket Team in an outright manner.
I like the way Anju finally helps him in her way. This book is highly recommended read to all

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Meet the Author

I love day-dreaming and my close friends in this endless activity include Hamlet, Howard Roark, Absolem, Miss Marple, Elizabeth Bennett, Katniss Everdeen, Holly Short, Sirus Black, Gimli and Septimus Heap.. occasionally, Saphira also :) Otherwise, I am a serious hard-nosed print journalist who writes about politics, social issues and culture..
I've spent most of my life reading and writing.. I also love movies, dance, theatre, music, trekking, yoga.. I tried my hand at Russian and French and remember Rooski Izink Nimnoga and je sais un peu de Francaise .. (I bet I got that wrong).. but the latest language I picked up, Spanish, is very close to my heart, as I want to read Gabriel Garcia Marquez's yellow butterflies in Espanol.. I speak, read and write three Indian languages -- Kannada, Hindi, Tamil .. and my masters is in English, so I obviously love language and communication..
I also love knitting and I hate cooking :) I'm trying very hard to be good at a new job -- parenting -- to my three-year-old, but boy, is that the toughest job!

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  1. Well written Review Ahswini. Glad you enjoyed the book. Looking forward to read this one..

    1. Than you Rubina:-) .It is just the impact of being associated with The Book Club and You.Yes I did enjoy reading an off beat book like this .I am looking forward to read your review on this book.
      Have a nice day .
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