Sunday, 21 June 2015

His Beauty @#100 words on Saturday prompt by Write Tribe .com

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Here  there   he looked feeling very vulnerable
Hands shivered  as he looked at her,
Because her heart is pure full of goodness,
Coming too close to her is a crime.

As she is his sunshine,
Crystal Clear are her looks,
Transparent is her hearts that hooks his image.

Touching his cheeks for the first time,
Soft warms hands makes his heart jump in delight,
That  makes his protective instincts mightier.

Without a word he stares,
As unknown joy crosses over him,
Seeing her cry  his heart twist.

With mirthful eyes,
He says "Hey Sona I love dear "

That  cheers her up .

Today being with her makes him feels like Angels can fly because they take themselves so lightly.

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With Lots of Love and Hugs 

Writer Gal


  1. Lovely. I don't know if he sees a real person, a baby or an angel, but your words paint a brief picture.

    1. Thank you Francene for your kinds.He is a young father who is holding a newborn baby.
      Have a nice day .
      Hugs <3

  2. It's angelic post, expressing unadulterated love. Beautifully woven words sparkling magic.

    Hey, you can check my entry on:

    1. Thank you Vishal for your kind words.:-)
      Have a great day .
      Hope to see you here more often.

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you Visualize Authenticity.
      Have a pleasant day :-).
      Hugs <3.


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