Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Theorem of Love powered by Wordy Wednesday & Blogging Tip #1 July 2015

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'Vinita yaar you are impossible dude 'Marini retorted .Pyaar karna toh hai ....kala hai.... Vinita said shaking her head cursing herself for making love soaked friends. Because she never understands how two people could fall   in love just like that? For her love means "Long Time Friendship" and so she kept her mouth shut instead of criticizing her friend's taste and left the college library .Vinita and Marini graduated from the college and moved on in life. Vinita being career oriented lady pursued higher studies in U.K. One day Vinita looked at Marini and "On what potential you have to the study here in U.K. "Hearing the words from an changed Marini cut Vinita hurt and stood there dumbfound as nobody in her family has ever question her potential .But looking   's insecure eyes Vinita says "I have come here to learn the art of loving and she inserts her glossed fingers into her tummy to remove the brooding baby out of her tummy as Marini's life is endangered.


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