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Healthy Life Style with Honey Diet

Diet was not essential part those days as people lots of work to at home like making papad for the entire family, making chilling in that big kuttani, grinding the idly, dosa atta on the big stone it was fun task those days as families were big and expectation from life was too small .Those days people believed in roti, kapada and Makan and so they were satisfied and happy with whatever they had so life expectancy of such  were ranging  around 80-90s  during that period.

 Nobody died before the age range  given above .But now-a- days due to technology advancements and increase in sedentary life style people gets different types of lifestyle disorders .To avert this people go to gym classes , yoga classes and etc..... other classes and club in order to maintain their good health .

Now -a days working women and otherwise  women smoke and drink alcohol to get rid of their day to day stress .This is in fact is bad for  their health and this will destroy our community in whole.
 But if we take physical and mental health that would be wonderful you see .I will relate this with my own experience .

When I was a child I used to  go to  the  school by six am  but my mother used to give me lemon juice mixed with hot water and  dabour honey along with cup of tea and she used to force me gulp the lemon juice in one go which used to kava  and I used to feel like plucking in early morning hours which is not good for health .But I did  not throw everything up as I did not want to hurt my mom's feeling   .Everyday   this used to happen I used to somehow manage gulp it in one go .Slowly and Steady I got used to it 's and started  having that drink. Suddenly one day she forgot to make that drink .

It was getting late for school my father who dragged me off from sloppy streets that lead towards my school with force in such a way that  made me fall down as if I was kissing the earth. He then quickly made me get up and gave me two or three gallis and dragged me to school like that only .That day I did  felt pain but I a mild pain this was only because of the lemon juiced mixed with hot water and  dabour honey which gave immunity to fight back the pain which I was going through .But today after completing my education in every sense and I am waiting for the prince charming.
I am going back square job of trying the all knowing mom's    desi nuskas but this time not with lemon juice but with clove water and dabour honey.
See to get our body in a proper shape  we should not /never go on crash diet but instead we should try to have good food along with clove water and dabour honey .Stop having junk food.
Tips to lead a good Life
·         Drink  a lot of  hot Clove water mixed with dabour honey daily 
·         Drink Black Tea mixed with honey
·         Eat Homemade Food
·         Avoid Junk Food
·         Be happy and spread happiness to all around you 

These are only few tips to control health and weight

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