Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Ria's passionate Love encounter

Photo Credit: Devika's Face book Time Line  
It is Christmas time Raj and Ria are walking towards the snow clad streets .Suddenly on reaching the snow clad streets Raj turns his face towards Ria and kisses her lips like it is some kind apple with his tongue inside her mouth.
Ria pulled his head towards her and kissed him passionately with her mouth wide open with her tongue snaking inside his mouth. Their tongues and breath mingled. Heat fared up between them bodily reacted enthusiastically. Her fingers unbutton Raj's over coat jacket and shirt .Raj groaned out aloud and Raj manfully lifted her with glint in his eyes he says "Baby Raat Abhi Bakhi Hai .This endearing words made her feel mushy and she whispered softy into his eyes "Waiting for tonight dear". He laughed aloud as he unlocked his pent house which is located near NYU...Once they entered the house they cooked a light dinner for themselves. After having their little dinner of roti - sabzi and cleaning the vessels. While they are busy with this activity it is only at that time Ria sees Rebecca and Raj's  happy ever after kind of photo hanging up on the opposite wall  of  the kitchen counter .Seeing the ever smiling Raj in the  picture she feel a knot in her tummy .Even though Rebecca is no more in this world Ria's feels little awkward .Before she could speak regarding this to  Raj .Raj who had been observing her face and her changing expressions said "My dear Ria  Rebecca is my past and will be my past forever  but ...I have only one regret of hurting you..You are such kind hearted yet quarrelsome women who will go to such a depth to protect  her best friends and their families respect .This fact about you even though I knew then .I could not care a dam  for you because I had deep feeling of love for you.."Hearing these words she could not believe her eyes as Raj was not the person who would bare his soul out for people like her.

Slowly and Steadily Raj makes Ria feel comfortable by leaving her alone .He went and sleeps in the guest room only to find Ria's soft fingers moving around his head...He turns around and switches on the table lamp  which is kept on the side table . What Raj finds in Ria's eyes is  the naked want  or desire and this made her  look vulnerable in her baby pink night lingerie .He makes her sleep on the bed  and with slow deliberation he removes each and everything  that  Ria wore . From the hair clip which held her hand to the toe ring which she had worn. When  everything is removed and that  touched  Raj's warm skin  .Ria moaned and welcome him with her opened arms as today is their 10th wedding anniversary which they are celebrating like their 'Suhaag Raat'  after living  like  strangers for 8  long years  .

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