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Siddhartha --The Intelligent Rag Picker

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Siddhartha is a rag picker .He openly wonders why he is going such a menial task and sees a car passing by muddy pond and that splashed muddy water on him. 'Oye' he shouts.
Bulbul his girlfriend laughs at him .Picking a crush coke tin she says  " Siddhartha  you being intelligent how you can lose anger over these small petty things that happen to us daily  as you have accepted you are not born with a silver spoon".'Yeah Yeah I know so they can do anything they wish  I suppose 'he said to Bulbul giving her cocky look by coming close to her .This makes Bulbul lose her control and she ends up falling on him. Oh Babu side please! Someone from behind exclaims .Turning towards the voice before he mutter a curse he sees the owner of the car. "Good Morning Saab "Siddhartha greets him as he sees the owner coming out of the car. He quickly gets up and starts picking the crashed coke tin, the wine bottle, top of thumbs up bottle and a packet of chapattis lying around the car and fills them in his big black bag. Swinging around his shoulder he is about to leave at that very moment the car owner calls him again Oh Babu listen toh!.

Siddhartha gets irritated he turns around and barks a question at "Ab Kya hai?"Child come here I have got some more rag for you .Immediately Siddhartha runs towards him and open his big black bag to fill with the car owner 's rag. As he started filling it with the car owner's rag he sees some toys and some book along with it .Slowly with his misted eyes he looks at the car owner and says "Sir how come you know my taste?"Hmm because my daughter Sheena knows about your likes and dislikes and yesterday my daughter overheard your conversation. Oh I see your Sheena Didi's father Mr. Sameer Shah .Namaste sir my name Siddhartha and ......he stammered to say what he was.
Laughing at the boy Mr. Sameer Shah said "Siddhartha my child do your job well and  study well "These books of Sheena Didi will not only educate you but also will help you get a professional degree. But you should do both the things with honesty .O.k. sir bye see you soon Siddhartha said and went home with Bulbul waiting for him at the entrance of the rag depositing centre .He sees Bulbul and smiles at her .Sorting all the rags he looks at his girlfriend Bulbul with twinkle in eyes and says "Bulbul you know Sheena Didi is best Didi as she understands my aptitude so today onwards I would study in night like other in this centre do "What do think of it?.He asks with a cheer in his voice
"Do do as if you are going to do something big" Bulbul says with a smirk .Hearing her words his heart breaks  and he goes away to another area far away from Bulbul as he could she turning into a chorni.
Next day before he leaves the area he picks the half eaten, half baked, empty bottle rags from the area where Sheena Didi lives. While picking up the rags Sheena who climbs down the stair case and towards her car forces him to make a promise that he would not go astray."Didi I will never do wrong things in life that will taint my beautiful name Siddhartha which my unfortunate mother has kept for me "He says and leaves that area forever by his rags of the day in the rag depositing centre.

Today Siddhartha has become local guide for foreign tourists by doing his job of picking the rag off the streets .The knowledge and reading has brought to this level he smiles at himself and thanks his stars for giving an elder sister here as he finds his elder sister in Sheena Didi.

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  1. An interesting take on the prompt.....if only each one of us was ready to make a difference....

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