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COURAGE  is a 7 letter  brilliant word.Which  we do not understand the underline meaning of it .We often exclaim  Oh! that girl Maya is courageous  in what way she is courageous ? have we ever thought off?.Courage does not mean nature of outspokenness  .It is an inborn nature.Courage comes from various factors  like
  • Need of hour 
  • Face Challenges 
  • Fear within 
  • Force
  • Daring.  in an positive way
But who is set to have these things in him /her

The person who wants to do something different and achieve heights.This is only possible when a person has D3 and not M3 

D3 means
  • Determination,
  • Dedication 
  • Deliverance and 
M3 means

  1. Morale-less,
  2. Meekness
  3. Motionlessness (a person who does not want to do any thing)
If the D3  in a person is inactive then he/she will be termed  as 'loser'   so be positive and courageous to achieve desired goals in life by following D3  .

While you are achieving heights and becoming big do not forget your humility . Your humility should be always intact.

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  1. It's such a powerful post, explained so simply. I am sure many of us will get this uplifting message:)


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