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Tales of N & V Part Two

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' na 'Preeti and Pushkari pleaded their father V to open the gift. V smiling opened it in front of them  .To N's  utter shock the box contained two beautiful hearts with a lock .'Nice gift children 'V said giving his wife N a confused look.

After gifting him Preeti and Pushkari along with V and N go  to the jogger's park for walk .As they entered the park they are  shocked by the surprise welcome by the young and old group. Immediately V and N gives them 'jalebi' and 'fafda' which Preeti and Pushkari brings in   for them to have it  in return to their sweet gesture .

Later on after congratulating N& V the members of the young and old group disappear .But something is going on in  Preeti's  and Pushkari's  mind that which Namarata and Vikram could read.While walking around the jogger's park  "What happen kids ?"N& V enquire.

Ma and Pa if you have not told  anyone about your  25th  wedding anniversary then .... how did  members of the young and old group come to know ? Preeti and Pushkari chorused unanimously .'Dearies I myself is surprise 'V said with lot of amusement in his voice.
Hello sir Good Morning ! Shanty says with a wink as she  passes by them .   

This irritates him at lot .Preeti and Pushkari's face drops down and becomes pale . They immediately run out of  the jogger's park with the tears flowing down their cheeks profusely .

V stop them by saying "P2 your father loves you both a lot so no more crying betas ".Hmm N says we shall surpass this situation  too. 
You both know your father looks  handsome even at age of  60 so anyone who is half of his age easily can  have crush on him.

Look Pa we do not want see or view such kinds of happening in this  park .You know why ?Preeti and Pushkari enquired looking tenderly at their father .

Yes I know he says and hugs them tightly 

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