Monday, 27 July 2015

Tales of N and V Part One

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N....please haan. 'How we are going to  tell our  love story to our daughters on our 25th wedding anniversary which is fast approaching  'V question N  having a worried look on his face .

Hmm look here she said coming close to him. N kisses V.This fares up their passion Namarata.....Vikram  says seductively. Kissing with  his mouth wide open and inhaling her sweet breath emitting from her clove shallowed mouth .

N immediately pulls V's  head and lays herself down on their bed.This bedroom has witnessed so many emotions ranging   from their  childish behaviour   to heartlessness . It never gave them  a second chance like this  before  . 
But today it has given them a new responsibility which has to be fulfilled in the given period of time as they are parents of two beautiful maidens who have promised them that they would marry the person of their choice after listening to N and V tales of love .

"V.... What kind of a story are we going to create because our tale of love is only tale of heart aches?" N said exasperatedly as she brings his face  down to  level it with  her face .

V reminds silent for sometime and squeezes her body to his by lifting her butt .The pressure of his body made N realize this  fact that V is going to tell the true story of their  love marriage but she wanted  him to tell her regarding this in his dam sexy yet a sinful voice.

" V dear you should speak to me regarding this as I love your voice you see" N said teasingly  .

Yeah dear but you know walls have ears so I did give you a lovely squeeze in my style to communicate and send a  message to you  in this regard he says by giving her good night kiss and eventually  turned on to his side of the bed ..N smiled at herself and slept cuddling his  back with a thought that how Vikram reads her thoughts with ease and makes her feel so special even after the way their families hurt them by calling them with such   names that hurt her heart to large extent .

Morning dawned by sunlight coming inside  and kissing their face.N and V who were cuddling each other under the quilts are disturbed by their daughters Preeti and Pushkari and their request to keep a story telling session this evening in order to ease the tension off their lives  . 

In wonderment N and V get up from the bed after hearing this and stare at each other as if their daughter Preeti and Pushkari have found out something about their love marriage.So in order to get an clear idea of what's going on in their  minds .Namarata and Vikram did plan something and  frowned at them by saying "Your both have become  too smart haan  and so due to this you went to your big Dadi 's house to listen to our love tale ".

"No we did not go to Dadi 's or any other person's house to hear your story as they have hurt this family several times" They chorused .

Then why did you say that you want to have a story telling session hmm?.N and V enquired.

Laughing at their quizzical expression that which were imprinted on their faces .Preeti and Pushkari  said "It is  just that dad we wanted to give you a sweet and shocking surprise".

Aha ha .... I  know about you both Vikram  said winking at his wife Namarata who was  engrossed in watching the beautiful bond brewing  between  V and his daughters .

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