Thursday, 30 July 2015

Wordy Wednesday #4 POWERED BY B-A-R

Photo Source  : B-A-R

Pops look at this lock which mom used to lock the house with .
Vedanta laughed out loud when he looks at the thing pointed out to him.Staring at him Mallika retorts " What is so funny about it ".
Hearing these words from his daughter dear.He looks at his son who is sleeping on his shoulder.....

"Beta do not do the same mistake I did"Vedanta says as  he unlocks the door .
Mallika does not understand anything from this and she goes to play down to play by placing the key pad on the table. 

Vedanta puts his son in his cradle and Cry's in front of his wife who is lying helplessly like a vegetable all because of her brothers who have hurt her just because of they being  powerful in all respects and he too joined them in that  which used to give him immense pleasure then.

But only after his son Mohan was born and later on the accidents that happen in their lives which tears their life apart  he unlocks the door of his past only to throw them in trash. As he realized the true meaning of life and love.

That night when he sleep with son in between them he finds  his wife hands 
miraculously fall on them making him smile with contentment .

Later on he realizes that by unlocking the past and putting it in trash is the best way to lead a healthy and happy life.


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