Thursday, 9 July 2015

Her Fairy Tale ------Wordy Wednesday and Blogging #Tip #2- July 2015

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She thought of it over and over,
Standing near the ponds with sun rays falling on and   beautifying it,
She got lost in thought staring at water in pond as if a white mare has passed over,
He he ...the Horse cried this breaks her chain of thoughts,
On seeing her faithful white mare,
She gives it a name 'Angel' which is as pure as the pearl in the oyster,
Embarking on her 'Angel' she leaves the place,
She travels through the forest and plains,
Sunshine blazed on her like a majestic King consuming her as his  Queen ,
This was Her Fairy Tale .

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  1. Fantastical. Like a fairy tale usually is. Nice one. :)

    Leo @ I Rhyme Without Reason

    1. Thank You Vinay .Leo R for your kind words .I wish some kind of fairy tale moment should happen in each ones life as people here are stressed out with some or the other problem .

      What do you think about it .

      Have a nice day :-)

    2. Love your way of portraying through a poem @Sweety

  2. I always love fairy tales. I have been privy to few. Hence, I am aware, how it feels to be a part of.

    1. Wow you are very interesting person and thank you for your kind words Ajay!.

      I completely agree with whatever you have stated above .I too am a privy person so I try to keep things to myself without scribbling here .

      Have a nice day.


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