Friday, 24 April 2015

Prompt for month of June @ Writerezine

Oh dear grass and leaves ,
Seeing you rest in peace,
My heart feels at ease.

You showed me how  to lead a life,
Youth and old age  are like husband and wife 
Making food   my hands  go up for swing ,
Before my ears hear a ring.

Turing Turing phone bell goes ,
On hearing  the long lost  friend's voice  tears in my eyes  rose ,
Seeing  the film 'Roy 'my mind starts playing with a  chocolate mousse,
With the constant chain of thoughts,
My mind goes for a toss.

Seeing you both friendly with each other ,
 Lying on you I watch bountifulness of the nature   every where,
As I wonder  how do you bear the  weight  of everyone's err...

My soul wanders heather and thither,
But seeing your friendship my spirits never dither ,
As my  tongue start tasting bitter as I see the leaf shiver.

Like a lover the grass whispers into my ears  with its pointlessness,
I am  like  a honeybee which  is  in search of honey and happiness,
Looking at me Kids show their cheerfulness,
Old people sing in fearlessness

So I thank you  for your kindness and softness .
But without you both  my life would be filled with  emptiness.

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With lots of love and hugs

Writer Gal


  1. Lovely poem. We should appreciate grass more. Its softness, its smell, and most of all its endurance.

    1. Thank you :-) Francene .I wholehearted agree with you that we should love and appreciate the grass and leaves for they beautify the earth with their softness .Without them the earth will look like a desert.

      Have a nice day :-)

      Thank you for stopping by .

      Hugs <3

  2. Wow Sweety, thats pretty intense cum interesting.
    Youth and old age are like husband and wife - You could not have said it better.

    This is my 1st participation at Writers enzine. Glad to come across your post.

    1. Thank you Viyoma for kind words.Yeah I have seen so many people who forever want to be young not at heart but looks so.... I used these terms in this context .
      All the best for it .
      Have a nice day . :-)
      Hugs <3

  3. truly loved it. Very good interpretation of the prompt.

    1. Thank you Ajay. This poem written for this months prompt is very close to my heart.I hope that my take on this prompt gets selected .

      Have a nice day :-).

    2. Wish you all the luck. Sweety.


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