Sunday, 26 April 2015

Hero's Death

   Hero's  Death

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Hear came the hero death ,
Feeling lost was  the earth 's  breast,
May you shine in the earth's crest.

Shocked was the hero's wife  when she found the dead body of her beloved covered with  dried garlands on the discovery channel ,

As she would  not be able to  share her pain or anguish with him  for leaving her like with his two little darling.

Oh hero  you have been so selfish about yourself to say,
Because you have let you little angels at bay,
As sunshine in our lives have  faded away,
But seeing  your name in  missed call  list makes my  day .

So my dearest hero I watch the  discovery channel and see the missed call list with  your named saved as 'Hero calling ' only to rekindle those dreams that might  have  been yours too.

This poem I wrote  for HERO,MISSED CALL AND DISCOVERY -A Wow prompt #an blogadda initiative

With Lots of Love and Happiness

Writer Gal


  1. A convoluted( (mutuated) tale made by mashing three words together. Often this is hard to do and you come out with a squashed worm.

  2. Thank you for the Awesome Feedback Fracene :-) .

    Have a nice day.

    Hugs <3


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