Monday, 13 April 2015

Go Within -A story told by my father


Once upon a time there lived a woodcutter who was very poor and he did not get enough money to fulfill his needs as he  wanted  more from life.So  he went to  meet a Sadhu Maharaj .Once he went and described his agony to the Sadhu Maharaj.Hearing this Sadhu Maharaj said "Go within".So immediately  without understand  the actual meaning  the woodcutter went inside the jungle and found out bronze mine.  After digging the mine he became rich .

Slowly after becoming rich he wanted become richer and richer and wanted to coqure things in life.So then he again went to the  Sadhu Maharaj and asked for guidance.The Sadhu again repiled and said "Go within".Then he went further inside the jungle by supressing the bronze mine.He found a silver mine.After diging that mine he became richer.But as his greed increased he wanted to the richest wood cutteri n the entire world So then again he decides to meet the Sadhu Maharaj to  thank him and to  ask him for more information .The Sadhu Maraj gave him the same reply.The wood cuter went further inside by surpassing the silver mine .He found a gold mine there and he become the rightest wood cutter. As days and months passed by he wanted some more.... So he decided to see the Sadhu Maharaj and ask him about the other mines in the forest. The wood cutter went to Sadhu Maharaj again and he asked him if he knows anything about the other mines. But the Sadhu Maharaj replied to him by repeating the same words" Go Within". 

The wood cutter ran further inside the jungle by surpassing the bronze, silver and gold mines. He found out a diamond mine. Once again after digging the mine he become the most powerful man. After a few years a thought crossed his mind that If the Sadhu Maharaj already knew about these mines then why he did not go inside and dug for himself to become rich .In order to appease the mind he went to Sadhu Maharaj again and asked him "Sadhu Maharaj if you already knew about these mines then why you did not go in search of these mines and dig it for yourself to become rich. What is the secret of your blissful state"? .

Then Sadhu Maharaj said the same  words again "Go Within" by pointing his finger in the direction of wood cutter heart .Finally the wood cutter understand and left the place by contemplation on his words.

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  1. Very thought-provoking story! Thank you for sharing.

    1. Pleasure is all mine Lauren :-) . Knowledge is a thing to be shared and so I did it .
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