Friday, 24 April 2015

Daughter's words

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Krish  is a proud father of 2 year old twin daughters Swati and Smirti who recently got promoted  to  the Vice President 's position in the company which he is working for .He and Shree felt that Swati was lucky than Smirti in all respects for. This comparison continued until one day Shree's company closed down forcing Shree to remind indoors. Shree felt like as if her wings have chopped off and to make Princess Swati is a tedious take .Shree wished for some miracles to happen in her life .Today she missed her other twin daughter Smirti who used to willing work for her. But because of her pride and ego she sent Smirti to a boarding school against her daughter's wish. She recollected those incidents and buried them deep inside her heart.
There were days where volcano inside her heart would erupt out .But this is what life taught her /made her realized that two hands are always required for clapping without another hands support the clapping is of no use as it would  not create a perfect sound and ambience .Though they have automatic machine .But Swati and her father Krish never bother to throw their in washing machine so that Shree would  find  it easily to  carry on with some other work as she had the entire household's responsibility on her. Finally feeling bog down she cries in front of lord to show her way as she is losing all her energy. Smirti who had come down to her place for attending a seminar just saw her mother's plight and shed two drops of tears.
Later on after few days, Smirti suggest her mamma to go a vacation "Hey mom why don't go on a vacation to rejuvenate yourself from this daily mind bogging routine". To this her mother smiles at her and says 'No dear your father won't have achieve whatever he has achieved today  in his life if he hadn't completely concentrated on his career '.Hmm what use of such a sort achievement if he can't spare anytime to do  his share  your household/laundry work .Thank God I went to an boarding school where  the words 'sharing is caring  'is  expressed in  true spirits and no one treat a person with disrespect like this especially male species in the boarding school  they went way out to others .Hearing these words from Smirti's mouth her father who had been working his room  understand the true meaning of  the word 'Sharing' and from that he day  he started helping his wife Shree with her Laundry work but setting a great example to upcoming leaders in his company.
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This piece of fiction I have written for #share the load #Ariel a sponsored contest powered by blogadda 

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