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True Meaning of Love and Sacrifice

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Krishna and Radha,  are  best friends from Kindergarten days .Time flew by making them inseparable. Until one day, he left the school as his father felt that Radha's school is not up to the mark. Later on he puts Krishna in some hi-fi school where all the extra -curriculum activities are  included as part of their syllabus .Initially Krishna found it difficult  to accept it .Radha too also found it very difficult  to adjust without Krishna her only friend. But she get  adjusted to it. As her friend  start teasing her by calling/giver her names like Lila or Juliet or something else which  she did  not like at all .
After a while Krishna got a kind of life which he never imaged  .He graduated from London School of Business  ,then entered into his father business and progressed in that direction. Until he met a girl named 'Radhika' which his father has chosen for him as his life partner. He gets engaged to her  that  makes Krishna realizes his mistake of not keeping in touch with  his Radha .He runs out of the house to the cottage where his grand mum Devyanti Iyer lived  by  making others look puzzled at his behaviour . While coming towards his grand mum  cottage his mind went   back to that day where his Radha tried to stop him by interpretation the rhyme  "Johnny Johnny  yes Papa ,
                                                       Eating sugar no Papa,
                                                       Telling lies  no Papa,
                                                       Open your mouth  Ha ha ."
As "Krishna Krishna yes Radha,
  Eating Makam no Radha,
 Telling lies no Radha ,
 Open your mouth Ha Ha."

But he did not stop for her and went ahead  with his father's decision  by hurting her love and faith. It has been years  since he has seen Radha. He did not try to reach out to her. But when he entered his grand mum's cottage he finally could see  Radha  who has brought her  two sky bags along with her. As she took ashirwad  from his grand mum Devyanti before leaving aboard. Suddenly turning towards the voice , her eyes misted on  seeing Krishna after so many years  .Looking into his dark brown eyes  she said "You look different now, anyway congrats on your engagement ".And stands next to Krishna's grand mum.  While Radha is about to leave for the airport . She is stopped  by Krishna who was standing in between her and the door.

'Don't go naa' Krishna pleaded with her .Krishna voice was undoing .She turned and look for refuge in Devyanti 's pallu . Devyanti pulled  Radha in front and nodded at her .Immediately Radha  went forward and hugged him. Krishna 's father   who is following him finally reaches his mother den and found Radha and Krishna in  an warm embrace.Totally shocked to see  Radha here  again . 

He thundered like a lion  .Radha and Krishna smiled at each other looking  at him.Krishna 's father looked quiet funny when he roared.

 With tears welling up their eyes . Krishna and Radha felt like heaven .They have been in quiet  ecstatic mood  .So they went  to celebrate  their reunion  by going  to the nearby dabba. On reaching the nearby dabba   , Krishna finds  his fiancee standing too close with a guy .This slight  angers  him a lot and much  before he steps forward to punch the Guy  .Radha  tenderly said "Love is sea of hearts and no force ".Krishna  turns  his face towards  Radha and asks  her what do  you  mean by  that?.Today you are getting annoyed ,when you saw her somebody else's arms   but do you that she too was forced to get  engaged with you as she loved her family  so she sacrificed her love and the guy who is standing next to  her broke the scared vows with me  for the same  reasons   but they are not truly sacrificing  like me She mocking said. With her  face closed with her  own hands  Radha  cries  aloud like a baby for some hope in her life   .  Hearing this Krishna  sits on the with the thump on the  plastic chair . 

Chaos was created when Radhika  snapped Radha when  she heard her voice for no reason on her part . Feeling helpless she went to the airport only to find Krishna following her leaving his entire world behind him by breaking his engagement with Radhika. Devyanti looked at Radhika and said "You don't look like Radha and you deserve chipku Shard who hurt Radha for no fault of hers .

Thank God my Krishna got to know true colours of you and your so called good natured  Shard  ..Radhika you can't match  with Radha in any respect  as she is a  very kind lady who has an ability to forgive people on the contrary Radhika you are  a witch who can take any form and change people mind like do did with chipku Shard who divorced his only beautiful wife"  By making feel  her helpless and hopeless you think  that you  both have achieved the desired goal. 

Hmm..... If yes  then I have no  comments to say but then  don't think you both have sacrificed each others love for your families sake .Because you don't know the true meaning of  the words " Sacrifice and  Love" and you will never understand what is the power of these two beautiful words.  And if these words are abused then the consequences are adverse .This can also lead to destruction in terms of  breaking of the  heart, faith in an  relationship , Trusting and other aspects of human beings.The destruction part you might be very well aware dear Radhika so you took such a grave step without thinking about the consequences.You not only broke Radha heart but also her faith in this sacred relationship .I don't what lies ahead of them.But one things you both can't be happy because of the  fears that which you both have.What fear do you have I don't know eyes and hair had not old in one day . 

I can read what is going in minds.Just go and confront this in front of family and live in peace. Saying so she marches towards an Taxi Stand and boards into a Taxi and instructs the driver to take her to the 'International Airport Terminal 5A '.So as to stop Radha from going abroad along with Krishna who ever ready to leave his world behind for her sake.  Listening to the  lecture which his mother was giving  Radhika and chipku Shard , Krishna 's father feels ashamed of his action and he too goes to the airport to stop them from leaving this country .

On reaching the airport , he finds Radha crying in his mother Devyanti's arms. Caressing her head Krishna's father whispers into Radha ears
"Krishna Krishna yes Radha,
  Eating Makam no Radha,
 Telling lies no Radha ,
 Open your mouth Ha Ha."

Hearing these words and  getting some tender love from Krishna's father makes Radha 'Stunned in disbelief '.The fact  that he is the real father of Radha...... and only the stars and sky  knew about it.And did not want his daughter go throw the pain which he gone through by losing her once.

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