Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Earth is calling

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Oh dear people  please don't destroy the nature unnecessarily,
Otherwise  we will have face  to the wrath of the beautifying  nature  directly,
So Earth is calling as if she  is  going give us  some  predictions.

Oh dear people please don't break the mountain for making houses,
As we will have to face the sadness of mountain in rouse ,
So Earth is calling as if she is  going  give  us  some drowse .

Oh dear people please don't pollute the river,
As drinking this water  will spoil our liver,
So Earth calling as if she is planning to us a bitter dinner.

Oh dear people don't slaughter the cows,
Otherwise farmers would not be able  plough,
So Earth is calling as if she is going to give us a blow.

Oh dear  people don't cage the parrots ,
As we would not be taken upstairs in an  golden chariot,
So Earth in Calling as if she is going to gives us some merit .

Oh dear people don't hunt  down wild animals,
Otherwise we would be killed by any other mammal ,
So Earth is calling us as if she is going to become our rival.

Oh dear people ,do not fight with each other
As we would be finished in fear ,
So enjoy fruits of nature ,
Do not destroy it for a creating a furniture.
So Earth is calling us  as if she want us to dissolve in the earth's crest.

Because of misunderstanding about the nature and our chalega attitude towards them. There natural calamities like earthquake are  taking place .So we  should live in  peace with  the nature. The moment we try to act smart with them  they show us their true colour.

This poem I am dedicating to all the sensible beings   who are trying  their best to converse things so that such natural calamities do not occur. 

With Lots of Love and Hugs 



  1. Oh, I agree with you completely, dear Sweetly Smiles. If only we would live in peace and harmony with our beautiful Earth.

    1. Yes I too wish that we live in peace with our beautiful earth:-) Francene . But I only can hope.

      Have a nice day

      Hugs <3

  2. This post is so close to Francene's post about migratory birds. You have covered nearly all the points about nature's conservation. So true the natural calamities have the trigger in human's never ending greed.

    1. Yes :-) it is almost close To Francene's post about migratory birds .Thank you Anamika for your kind words.
      Have a nice day .
      Hugs <3

  3. Wow.. you are one quick blogger who manage to churn up at a super speed. Indeed, along with brooding over what is lost..it is time to revise our lessons on nature. Each one of us..has to do our bit..no doubt..

    1. Thank you Viyoma for your Kinds words. :-).Your words making me *blush *over and over.

      Have a pleasant day .

      Hugs <3


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