Monday, 6 April 2015

The Doctor , Operation Table and Me

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'Amma ' I called out trying to gain strength from within.But that day Amma came close and squeezed by and said 'Don't worry by child everything will  be alright'.I swallowed a big lump in her throat and looked at the ceiling .I felt running away .For the first time I was  in tears as all her bravo fled  when nurses took me to the operation theatre.   Don't think it was fun journey .The Operation Theatre stared at me  in joy .It was a dim little room .As I went near the Operation Table  the table came me a cold look.I feared at lot and looked around some familiar  face .But none of them were  there .Feeling dejected I finally allowed nurses to put on the cold bed IE Operation Table.I was wrapped in green  clothes I felt like a chill run down by spine   as the devil astheasia   was injected   by the doctors around me   even after  my countless amount of protesting.I felt  like  screaming for help as none of the doctors and nurses were making feel comfortable.Until the main doctor came in and stood besides and commended the others doctor to be gentle with  me as I was merely a 3 year old .

Standing near my head the main doctor smiling asked me "Are  you Afraid of this things happening around you in the darkness"."Won't  you be my  brave girl".
Looking at him with black expression .I just gave a warm smile at him and allowed them perform the action as I went to another  world because that  day I realized that  I won't  have a normal childhood like others had as I was going to unique .After performing operation on me for about  8 hours  for some hip joint dislocation . The main doctor again asked  smiling  me "Are you Afraid of this happening  in the darkness around you  " .At that  point of I could not  understand whatever he was saying and I just replied that I am fine and was taken to my to my hospital room. First It was pleasant but as the days  grew by  I wanted to get out of this place.

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But Today when I rewind those memories now a shiver run throws my spine and I wish no other child   should suffer like this .

This story I have written for Wow Prompt by Blogadda .com

This story I have taken  from my dairy "the files of my being"

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  1. Brave You! I would have fainted!

    1. Thank you Ajay for your kinds words:-).
      Have a nice day .

  2. Reading this brought the tears to trickle down my face. You are indeed brave than most of us. God bless you Ashwini.

    1. Awwh so sweet of you for reading my story :-).

      Thank you for kinds words Anamika

      Hugs <3


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