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Tales of N and V Part Nineteen

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"Look young man I  have a lot of pending work to do  and  do not have all the time in the world  to play with you , got it sonny" Vikram looking at Abhi painfully said  and left  for office .The door behind his father back slowly closes in front of his eyes .Sighing to himself , he satisfies himself by  playing  with his football all alone and by himself   but off  suddenly he over hears Preeti's voice outside the main door  and immediately opens the door making Preeti look stunned . Hey Preeti , what's up ? he queered .Err..... I am fine what about you  ?she asked him trying to sound a little  chirpy and cheerful  .But Abhi found something wrong midst  when  he sees two little legs move  behind her .
Ma ..... Abhi called out .Looks like the little monster has come here again for an dental check up .

Uff.....Abhi send her  here then beta .
'Come baby ...lets go to the dentist aunty's den ' he said by pulling her little arms  forward .'No...' she shouted and looked at her mother for help .
Abhi smiled to himself as if he achieved something  which is quiet close to him .

Chalo.....then I am going to tell Ma that this little monster the way what is your name ? Abhi abruptly  questions   her with a percussing glance and without completing his statement properly  .
'Nimisha'  the little monster replied .
When everything seems to be going against you, remember that the airplane takes off against the wind, not with it. -Henry Ford. what does that mean? Nimisha enquired  mockingly with her hands on her tiny waist.

It's a quote dear  , her mother said and Abhi nodded in agreement and closes the doors in front of them by bidding his good byes to them .

Namarata who silently stood there  watching this scene  , silently weeps  but she is  caught by Abhi's fiery  glances.Seeing him staring at her like this , she immediately wiped off her tears from her eyes  and calls  Sambu  and starts barking her orders on him .
This made Abhi laugh aloud because  "he has not seen women off this sort " 


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