Saturday, 21 November 2015

Tales of N and V Part Eighteen

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"Namarata look hear dear at me for once I  say" Vikram said feeling bad for  the words he did utter in the party hosted by his friends  yesterday .Putting an arm around her waist  , he slides next to her ."Oh what a gorgeous body she has" He thinks  and starts playing with  her tummy which nicely tucked under the quilt.'What are going here ?' she asks  him .
'Mending fences'V  says by rolling on her .Accha I  see N says and wraps her arm around his neck .
'Take time out for the ones who are hurting 'I read it some where .
So I  am trying to put that  thing into practice now V , Namarata says and kisses his lips  tenderly .
Hmm I see ,V says and pulls her over  by kissing her lips roughly .
At this rate we are going to have a baby soon, V says 
Shut up !  she exclaims and when she  is about to get up ,the night linen  falls off the bed .This makes her a little shy and she slides down under him .Their eyes tentative met and exhaustion claimed them .
They went to sleep happy because "Their journey so far has been quiet enriching in the sense that ,though they had to  give up  hope of living happily ever after with their only son Abhi  for the sake of reuniting their sister- in -laws families , but it has been quiet satisfying task  as their son has come back to enjoy their hospitality  and have a   splendid time with them i.e. V and N(his parents ).


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