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Tales Of N and V Part Sixteen

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Namarata dear , get ready quickly as we are getting late for movie ."Vikram said in a rush Arre Pa chill-ax "Preeti said .What do you mean chillax dear Preeti ?.OH FO  you are incorrigible  she said and hugged him by conveying its meaning .He laughed aloud at her innocence .And goes to his bedroom where N was  getting ready . As he enters his bedroom  he looks at Namarata  like a drooling dog while she dresses up for the movie .Vikram   feeling his throat go  dry , he turns her around and kisses her tummy and then .. he inserts the seven pleats insides her petticoat with smile IE. satisfying on his face .Preeti too smiled and hugged him from behind by saying '  Pa looks so beautiful and sexy hai naa'.Hmm she looks and she is  that too baby .

Pa what do mean by that,  Preeti queered .Beta....I  will about this after watching the movie which I  have selected .
'Hmm...which movie have you selected ' Preeti queered exasperatedly.

'Smurfs 2'  V said while driving his Honda zest .

Vik.... what is this , are we kids to watch this movie ?N asked him .
"It's light entertainer"He said looking at Preeti sternly through his rear view mirror .
Grrh...Pa yaar this is not done  on your part !.
Ha ha  ...Pa don't laugh like a devil , Preeti said by  twitching her nose .
Have I told you that I  will be leaving for Scotland tomorrow , she asked her father by watching the beautiful rainy day scene .Hmm to play  the remaining half of Scotland Yard Game  with your friends there .
Dad , she says and request him to switch on FM  .He does it with a smile on his face a smile that makes everyone  in his family feel special  especially N .
Suddenly the car stops in front of KG society .Preeti understood her Dad's outlook and sighs by giving way for  his  little friend to come. Namarata frown at him 'Don't you think , it is wrong on our part to hid this collusive information from Preeti .'I do not think so.... because we gave him as a gift to my  sister  ."Then....why Pa are you doing this?" Preeti interrupted him .This is because I  am special" he said and goes out of his car to bring his son and welcomes him with open arms standing in front of building gate. The sister who he gave this gift smirks at him as she comes to leave him (His son ) .
Hey Di   , he said hugging his sister as he enters the car". Mamma  I  love you , long time no see  , as usually  you are looking gorgeous "He said by hugging her from behind. Namarata laughed through her tears .Preeti is stunned to see this scene and chooses to remind silent by observing the changing colors  of the skies and moving clouds .
Suddenly turning  towards Preeti , he produces something in front of her and  gives her but Preeti does not take it by saying "I  do not accept gifts from strangers " .Hearing this Preeti ..., N shouts  and  V  makes a grim face .
Looking at Preeti , his eyes starts pleading with her which makes his daughter Preeti smile at him .

Sorry kiddo, give me the gift she says ruffling her brother's  soft hair .Still hurt  she asks him ."I am still hurt Di" he says by adding 'How can you hurt me ?, I  never expected this behavior out of you". 
Preeti smiles warmly at him and accepts his gift my giving a kiss on his cheeks.
After reaching the theatre  , they just drop the idea of watching Smurfs 2.Instead they enjoy their evening  by shopping , clubbing and dinning together like a happily ever after family .

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