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Tales of N and V Part Seventeen

Vikram look here , I  am highly impressed with  you and the way you tackled Preeti's emotions with ease which I am unable to do so Namarata said while  making ladoos for Diwali .'Accha  I  see he said in delight ' with his mouth full of eagerness to kiss her .Namarata  you know the true  reason  behind our separation from our dear loving  son Abhi  .I  know it is only your mother .....she trail off by ranting her  tales of misery  out with a tear drop trailing off her cheeks .Rubbing it off   she continued making ladoos for diwali with Vikram looking at her with envy .

"Hey madam how do you work with such a ease after all the cruel  happening  you had to see "V questioned N .To this N  simply shrugs her shoulders in upward direction .V  slowly comes near her and wraps his arms from behind and says "Make good memories "
What "Make good Memories " hmm  the way in which your sister saw us that day , I  can't still digest it V.
Ha ha ha .... Vikram laughed aloud  .What is so funny ! she queered as she started to wash the oil pan with Vim gel .Vikram turns  her around to face  him  and says "Madame I   had to  lived with her  for  35 years in fear off what next she is going to demand/ask   me  to give up ".Vikram pulls Namarata closer to her and kisses her passionately and Namarata too returns it with same vigour .Uncle V and Aunty N , Happy Children day ! .Turning towards the voices from the entrance of door , they ran quickly and opened the door   and Shushed them with their mocking stare. "Happy Children day Mr.V  "a girl from the group of perky  children said. N laughed aloud and hugged the little  girl who is filled with a lot of fear  .Hmm V says curtly and leaves to their bedroom where  his little boy Abhi  is playing with his toys .Seeing his son , his eyes gets filled up  .But when he was about to lift him up , the children who have come to his place said "Ah! a new baby has come to Aunty N's place "Wow  and other adjectives are used by them to describe him  i.e. Abhi .Abhi too smiles  at t them and says  "Happy Diwali cum Children day to all " in his soft baby voice .
Preeti who has entered the scene from other another bedroom   takes a photo  .

 Five years later  when she sees this  photo today ,   Preeti has tears  in her eyes because 2 years ago on this  very day   she left her home forever because 'Her parents love made her feel saturated and weak 'Though today , she is happily married to a guy of her close  but ...she still is unhappily .Because of the guilt of keeping her parents in dark about her marriage to the guy of her choose  {whose family  happens to be all time great  haters  of  her family  from their bottom of their heart} is swallowing  her  up as a whole .
But .... this photo acts like a  cool balm .Healing the raw  hurt .Ma ,Pa and Abhi  she says and kisses the photo with reverence and wishes them 'Happy Diwali '  from wherever she is  as she cannot go to their house because it would break her father's heart  to a great extent .

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