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Tales of N and V Part Eleven

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Namarata ....What are you thinking dear ? Vikram asks her as he watches N staring at Devi's while doing her daily pooja in the temple  .
"Hmm..I wonder from where does these  Devi's get beautiful looking skin from or it is just the idol maker's creativity to create such beautifying idols .Look at our skin the moment it is exposed to the harsh sunlight our skin looks dull but the moment we  do   little karcha on us  by visiting the beautician  then only our skin comes back to normalcy otherwise our skin .... you know na dear V what happen ? hmm. But look at these Devi's here they  are 365 days looking good to attract huge amounts of sad crowds "Namarata says with a smile playing on her lips when she sees Vikram's facial expression .

"Madam N you are indeed a great observer  .I marvel you for this .But you know N these Devi's have beautiful skin because people like you adore these Devi's to the extent possible "V says by laughing at the kids playing with a burning agarbaetti .

"Beta aur kuch nahi kya kal ne ki liya " He questions them by removing the burning agarbaetti from their soft hands ".

 Prostrating in front of them Vikram goes down to parking lot B -6 where he has parked his car .Namarata too follows him and stands next to him  by  staring at him and the car .Vikram who is lost in his thoughts is revived back by Namarata snatching  away the keys of the car .

N suddenly announced that she is going to drive the car .V crinkled his nose and sat behind the driver 's seat .N finally drives home the car .Making her very tired .So N request her daughter's Preeti and Pushkari to make khanna for them .Both of them protested by giving some odd reasons .Finally forcing her to make khanna for all of them .Namarata could manage because Vikram helped her in kitchen by chopping veggies for her , cleaning and arranging the vessels lying around the kitchen platform and by making some spicy and tangy soups for her  .

Finally after the food is prepared and served with joy to Preeti and Pushkari V finally exclaims 'Ah ! the Devi's in temple are pleased with your love which you give us in plenty N  '.
This made N  blush a lot .Pa why the Devi's only? .What about us?Preeti questioned her father very well knowing about his rotten intentions .

'Hmm.. it is because the Devi's in temple gives them a lot of things which we are not able give them 'Pushkari replied to her . Stunned Preeti enquires "What do mean by that ?"."Preeti ...dear today we have not helped Ma in kitchen and so Pa is annoyed with us at the way we behave with her as he loves his priye very much" Pushkari says with a great emphasis on the word 'Priye '.

Hmm Preeti says and leaves the table after having her soup.
Looking at the scene around the dinning table N mockingly stares at him ."Pushkari beta where is my sunscreen lotion "V asks looking at her with giggle.
Pushkari looking at her mother through her hooded eyes says 'In the bedroom' and rushes off from there .

N looking at V enquires 'Am I that harsh on you that you are  have apply a sunscreen lotion on your  gorgeous face even if the whether is pleasant  here'
'No my crouching tigress' V says by teasing her earlobe with his mouth .
Then... why did you ask for lotion N question as she snuggles her head into Vikram's chest .Oh that ! V exclaims  and says "Because I do not want to play with fire and Preeti is like the  one  huge ball of fire you see ..". 
On hearing this N hugs her husband tightly .
You know the reason why the Devi's look beautiful? N questions him .Because husband like you make her look beautiful .
Hearing this answer V laughs aloud at the statement made by her and kisses her forehead with Pushkari looking at them in wonder .

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