Monday, 28 September 2015

Tales of N and V Part Twelve @ Commercial Endorsement

Namarata look at this new girl on the block dear .She seems like some bubble who will be white wash from the Indian markets soon  Vikram says looking up from the laptop .

'You and your advertising field 'N says nodding her head in disbelief .Money talks in this field and so all the youth of this generation find it very interesting to earn  money this way .

God know when their  hang over of being the next fashion model will  go...As it is quiet irritating you see ...Namarata says pointed .V who has been listening to  her rants  suddenly laughs at her .N  gives him a mock stare and says "We had Enough discussion on this topic  can we switch over to something else".

Yeah yeah Vikram says and kisses her forehead as he finds tears in her eyes which he hates  to see them as it makes N  look dull .

V easing her head on his lap whispers  some endearing  words like dear , darling , beautiful , lovable , sexy and babe while patting her head as he knew  she had gone  through such a horrible ordeal of losing her daughters Preeti and Pushkari at the hands of the  a very very successful yet a shady ad maker who once  upon time was their school mate too .

No No dear   don't cry N  there is no one to hurt or break our family thread  so do not fret  about ,  regarding this stuff.
N  who has been listening  to him  re positions  her heads and sleeps there .
Unaware of the fact that " Vikram  is finding it very difficult to bear the weight of her head".

After Namarata goes in deep sleep state he slowly  pulls a pillow from his back and then slowly  places  her head on it .

Later on he stretches his limbs on the bed caressing each and every muscle of his legs .V  then jumps out of his bed and goes out of their bedroom to have  some water by switching off the table lamps .

Once inside the kitchen he makes a hot cuppa of chai for himself and stares at stars that fills up the sky like the rice bulbs and types out a formal and aggressive  letter to the ad makers  regarding the type of ads they make in recent times that  are forcing  each and every youth to  join the bandwagon and glamour field  without having any second thoughts about their future and career 


I  have written this post for #Monday Musing  

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