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Tales of N and V Part Ten

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Vikram what will I do with you dear Namarata queered as she cuddled him under the covers.

Ha ha... he laughs and says "Priye I would not have become an honest man like you wanted me to become ".Accha so...I should consider myself as great. Remember those days when I used to hate to be called as 'The best selling author's wife ' that which used to bother me Namarata asks him as she removes the covers from her face.”Haan Haan and once you left my book launch half way how can I forget that?" V teasingly inquires.

Smiling at his words ‘Shut up and get up as today is Lord Ganesha birthday’ Namarata says and wakes him up .Hmm...yeah yeah   today is Lord Ganesha's birthday and I your husband Vikram has to perform pooja for the Lord seated in our house .Can't your  Lord Ganesha(your moo bola Bhai) wait for a while .

"Hee... hee...Darling don’t you remember the stunned expression on your mother’s face when you told her yesterday that you will be doing the Ganesha pooja in the evening “.Ha ha  ... how can I forget that dear? .You know very well that 'How much averse I have in my heart for these kinds of stuff ' and so to keep my relation intact with my eccentric mother I have do it. Otherwise she would  start playing her blame-game once  again with you  which I  do not like it at all   but .. I cannot help it as I love her too.

"Dear I love you for whatever you are. I married you  not for heck of  getting hitched to an annoying friend like you  but because you understand me  , care for my feeling and most importantly loved me for whatever I am "N said hugging him tightly with  all her love in her eyes.

Oye where is 'Pachakacham Dhothi' ? He asks while searching for it here and there .OMG! This man N exclaims patting her forehead in disgust. Vikram laughs at her and says "I wanted see your this expression dear ".This statement made Namarata laugh and blush a lot at his words. Chalo let’s start with the pooja otherwise your mother who has come here will find some excuse to taunt us...

What do mean 'Taunt us ‘? Vikram’s mother questioned.

'Nothing Dadi 'Preeti and Pushkari unanimously said .What nothing! Dadi exclaimed. I heard your mother say something starting from T.

"No Mummyji I am just humming the lyrics of song Gullabo from a yet to be released movie called Shaandaar" Namarata carefully says. "I cannot believe you" Vikram's mother responds spontaneously.

Namarata shrugs off her shoulder in air and says 'Think whatever you feel like and believe whatever you want to believe.’This statement made Vikram and his daughters Preeti and Pushkari laugh aloud.

Hmm shall we start with pooja  Namarata enquires through her hooded eyes .OK  let’s start  with the pooja Om...............otherwise our Gullabo will get annoyed Preeti completed her father statement by winking at him .Pooja begin with great gusto and while  coming  to an end suddenly Vikram 's mother  mobile phone rings with 

Hey surma lagaa ke
Latein uljha ke
Haath jiya pe mal-mal
Tere chhajje ke niche khade hain
Phans gaye jaise dal-dal

Tere chhajje ke niche hi khade hain
Phans gaye jaise dal-dal
Gulabo.. zara itr gira do
Gulabo.. zara itr gira do

Tauba tauba tu to mitha sa murabba
Tauba tauba tu to shehad ka dabba
Bhen ki takki oye
Wow so lucky oye
Sab ki dain aur tu bole dhabba

Cocktail menu me bas tera naam - in the bar
Poster chhap gaye nikle - ishtehaar
Abki baar - oye
Teri sarkaar - oye
Chipak chipak lets kiss you pooh in the car
Gulaabo.... zara gandh phaila do
Gulaabo.. zara gandh phaila do

Surma lagaa ke
Latein uljha ke
Haath jiya pe mal-mal
Tere chhajje ke niche hi khade hain
Phans gaye jaise dal-dal

O tere chhajje ke niche hi khade hain
Phans gaye jaise dal-dal
Gulaabo.. zara gandh phaila do
Gulaabo.. zara gandh phaila do

With this lyrics of Gullabo song.

Vikram and his family are stunned to hear this .Seeing their stunned faces 'what did you think who am I? 'Vikram's mother asks him with a mischievous smile. 

To this Vikram has no words to respond and simply watches the movement of the ceiling fan and starts laughing at her as he never expected to be so up- to -date.
A proud Vikram's mother feels happy that she has  finally showed Namarata down .At the time Vikram who has been watching his mother 's  changing emotions suddenly says "Ma you are too forward  for us ".What do mean by  too much forward? His mother asks Vikram.  Ma by too much me means that ‘You have modernized your gadgets but not your thinking. Though I have married  Namarata against your wishes but you never leave any opportunity to show her down in public but she on the contrary respects your feelings and  acts accordingly  today if at all my father was alive he would not have like this attitude of yours ’.

Chalo now please give us the ashirwad now he says and falls at her feet .This makes feel her wry of her own actions and she leaves their residence with a smile by realizing the fact that ‘how fortune she is to get such a wonderful daughter –in –law who keeps her family bonded to each other like a wonderful silken thread’.
Vikram’s mother secretly thanks god and blesses them from a distance

With Lots of Love and Hugs 

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