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Tales of V and N Part Eight @ A bond.

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V...Yes madam what's up he enquirers. Do you really love me....? N asks. 'Kya bakwas karti hai  Of course   dear  and that is reason why I married you despite odds' V laughs at her as he remember  Namarata acceptance speech .It sounded  like some cooperate meeting 's presentation to him then.

What are laughing at? N smirked

'Nothing dear ....V coming behind her warping his arms around said with a wink.

V baby what do you want? N asks him by giving him teasing looks .Hmm madam I have a surprise for you.

'V...what you are doing dear 'N seductively questioned.

Namarata look here he pointed out to a person Mrs. S
'Co...Om...Ee in 'Namarata stammered at lot in front of them .Even though she has become her aunt - in -law but the English teacher in her is the same.
'What you are staring at me like this ' Mrs. S questions her. 'Nothing misses ...I mean auntie what a pleasant surprise I cannot believe my eyes that you are standing here. 'Namarata said in a totally stunned tone.
'It has been years' N says by hugging Mrs. S with her heart filled with emotions.

 Accha then let's go to that coffee where we met for the first time hmm what's say'?   Mrs. S gives them an inquiring looks.

N looks at V cockily .Vikram...smiles at her sheepishly when he is reminded of that day. "Chalo lets go then leave this knife here" Mrs. S says. Come on....quick she said while her hands where busy keeping the things in the kitchen neatly in order .Once the kitchen looked in order. She goes to their bedroom to get dressed up. Vikram who gets ready quickly sees Namarata getting ready and winks at her with his expanded chest filled with pride .Gorgeous! She exclaimed   looking at him.  V laughs at her 'Sexy ' he replied looking at N who is draped in beautiful pink sari. She hugs her husband Vikram tightly and thanks him profusely for accepting her back into his life.

The moment when Mrs. S sees them makes love to each other."She not only feels happy for them but also feel good to see them together even after facing  so  many trails and tribulation just because they had fallen in love with each other  when they were in class X" Mrs . S though warily.

Chalo guys it's already late she says retrieving them from their dreamy love making state."Mr. Romeo chalo.... tumari Juliet AA JA ye gi remove the Renault duster   "Mrs. S said .Hearing these stern voice   N laugh aloud "Auntie Miss the same strict old English teacher is still intact   no change in your persona ".

"Yeah Yeah you too have not changed a bit dear" Mrs. S spontaneously replied.
Awwh... my dear aunt you have all praises for her and not me! Vikram exclaimed.
"V beta your wife is my student you know naa" Mrs. S said patting his shoulders lovingly.
"Auntie Miss Do you remember his studious padaku looks" N questioned while Mrs. S is getting seated in Renault duster.
'Yes .....' she replied by making some expressions.
Later on while driving the car V's facial expressions changed and he remained silent throughout their journey to that coffee shop.
While parking his car V just glares at Mrs .S by making her wry of her own actions. Because she is one who still has strong ego about her language skills , enacting  skills that  makes the class ga ga over her teaching .There are  so many wonderful teachers who taught  English in best way ....... but no one appreciated it because of her .

These are some known facts about her which V and N knew but they choose to be silent because of their due regard to elderly teachers like her. Once they entered the cafe V and N are greeted very well .When Mrs. S sees  her competitor Prof Mrs .Sharma she backs out of the cafe as  she did not want get humiliated further in front  of her nephew .

Seeing this Vikram gets shocked and tries pulling her back into the cafe. Hearing the commotion near the door   Prof Mrs. Sharma shouts "Mira idiot please come inside and start your lecture bazzi . 
"Immediately Vikram and Namarata laugh aloud and say "So have become world famous figure isn't it?".

I never expected her to be around this cafe Mrs S says through her gritted tooth.
Getting irritated Vikram and Namarata both chorused that "You had, had and will have problem with other English teachers who are par excellence. It is because of your ego which you have in huge amounts that you are great and all knowing person". Sorry to say Miss Auntie this but we are forced to say this bitter truth about you and they leave the cafe.
Stunned Mrs. S sits with thump on the chair next to Prof Mrs. Sharma and stares at their backs blankly.

I have written this story keeping in mind a English teacher in my school who had a  huge ego about her language and teaching skills and  due to this she hurt the sentiments of many students like me but having such a flaw she had a soft corner for the weaker students .

“This story is written as part of the “Once…At School” contest on Tell-A-Tale – Bringing together stories and storytellers to create a positive change.”

With lots of Love and Hugs

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