Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Tales of N and V Part Fifteen @Monday Musing

Pushkari stop it yaar ! Vishal shouts and mutters a curse through his gritted tooth  .Hearing his words Pushkari is stunned and turns her head fast .Rubbing the  tears off her cheeks quickly  , she asks him "What did you say ?.You and Preeti..... what ?, from when you and Preeti   started talking to each other  .

Hmm  since a  very long time  and....Your family is  reconsidering Preeti and my relationship and is planning  for  our marriage too  .It can't be possible and even if it happen , I  won't allow you and Preeti to be happy forever  ."Who are you to say this ?and what will you do dear ..Pushkari "Vishal queered .

Nothing ....she said feeling little bit hurt .

Suddenly Vishal started to laugh at her .Winking at his daughter , he summons her  to bring her grand parents and her aunt .His daughter obliges him by bringing Vikram , Namrata and Preeti to-gather so that they can see "What their daughter Pushkari was attempting to do ?" .

Preeti gets little perturbed and leaves the place by saying 'For no rhyme or reason Vishal calls us here grhh...' Words of Preeti hit them hard .

V as a good father understands Preeti's emotions. Tapping N's hands, he calls out Preeti ."Chalo N  let's go and find out Preeti  now" he says .

Vishal who knows  why Preeti left the place abruptly feels ashamed of his actions and forces himself to withdraw from Pushkari hold and leaves to the place where Preeti normally sits when she is uspet .

Preeti who sitting on the Marve beach ,  cries a lot  over a photo.She  is spotted by her parents .V and N  taking her face in their palms they   chorused "Our daughter Preeti knows the art of  loving and forgiving others for their mistakes like us"

'Ma.... Pa ... you are great in making people feel good about themselves  '  Preeti said this  by hugging them one by one  with Vishal looking at them with  his delightful eyes 

This post  is  the continuation  part of   the previous post  Part Fourteen


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