Sunday, 25 October 2015

Tales of N and V Part Sixteen @Wordy Wednesday #3- October 2015 #SentencePrompt

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N.....I can't believe that Preeti has achieved success as a writer 'Vikram said as they reach  home after the end of Pushkari and Vishal's  grand drama .The drama that almost took away Preeti life is over. Seeing a  sleeping Preeti , his heart tightened in  protectiveness .Suddenly Preeti wakes up feeling  a bit gorgy .'Pa I am a  bit gorgy'  she says .Gorgy !what happened dear ? V questions .She might have had something which is making feel gorgy Namarata says smiling enchantingly at him .Accha I  thought it must.. Be ....what you thought Pa that somebody made me pregnant with his Mr. somebody's child ha ha you are dam funny Pa.

V  frowns at her words as Preeti hugs him .Anyways yesterday it was  RK Lakshman's 94th birthday  you know and as a  tribute for his commendable work 'I want you to release my collection of his jokes which I  have made in form of a book , tomorrow @ 5:30 pm'

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