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Tales of N and V Part Thirteen @ Against the Wish

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Vikram Good Morning  dear ! Namarata says by waking him up .Preeti look 'How your Dad is sleeping ?'. OMG!  V says and gets up with a jerk . 
Ha ha N laughs on seeing V  's expressions .Immediately V pulls her into his arms and stares at her for  full  twenty minutes that made her heart beat aloud .Vikram... she  calls his name very hoarsely .V kisses her lips intimately that forced Namarata's  potent desires to explode  .She nudges closer to him instead  but seeing their closeness and coziness Pushkari  smartly retorts 'Today it seems like  there would be another wedding for you both ' Accha the Pa you know na there are two beautiful twin daughters of an marriage age .
Yeah yeah  I  did not  know  regarding this  child! Vikram exclaims  getting out of the bed .Lifting the paper in his way  he walks away to the living room where his morning  tea  has  been waiting for him .
Umm. Nice tea he says and leaves for bath but ..his sight falls on a newspaper column Wanted a tall , fair   handsome and rich  bridegroom  for a tall , slim, fair and beautiful looking bride .

Disgusting   he felt and threw the paper on the ground as he feels that  such ads are the cause and the effect of  our matrimonial sites to function  too well for their own good .Keeping his hand on his laptop and switching it on .He type an email to the employees of his company by giving  them  a task .But  the task seemed to be a tough though , his employees were ready to do it .

One fine morning Preeti  knocks V's stomach badly with her head .Ouch ! he shouts and mutters a curse .But on seeing Preeti's  face all his anger melts like Ice cream ,and  may I  know why you did this to me ? .What is  this  Pa ! Preeti  asks him teasingly pointed out to the content of an email  .

Accha now are gone dear ha ha V laughs as he sees N's eyes. Namarata 's eyes are misted   he wipes them off  firmly by saying 'N I   hates tears  re 'totally in Rajesh Khanna's style .

Vikram..please excuse me today  because .... and  she buries her head  inside his chest ."Namarata I  am sorry for that day's incident ,   still I do not know  why I rejected your proposal ? only to see the human loss around  us "Vikram questioned his intention pensively .

To this Namarata answers  "It is because of the attitude which you had during your college days  and nothing else ".

Accha then ...why you are crying ?Vikram enquires 

"Because if granny would have been alive today  she could enjoy this jugalbadi which your having now with Preeti  " N says lifting  her head from his chest .
"And no messy drama would have taken place like this " V says smiling at her .

Suddenly they hear the door bell go and also the words Pushkari said  while they were heading to open the door  .They laugh and opened  the door .On seeing Vishal , Vikram says 'I think  you have come here to ask me  how this could be possible'.

Sir.. how could one blindly makes choices regarding 'Marriage'. Vishal says  . Then  how should one choose  Vishal, V asks grimly .Depends on one's taste sir ... may I  could inside  please  Vishal inquired.

Come in Dumbo ! Vikram  says patting his shoulders.

Sir please stop calling me a 'dumbo' as I  hate this pet name kept by my friends .
Accha so ...then why do you call my daughter Preeti a 'dumb headed girl' .
 "Just because Pushkari is smart , sexy and fair you ..u ..cheapu " he said .
As Vishal had accepted her as his  GF by rejection Preeti's love .

Shame on Vishal !V exclaimed and marches out of the  room,  by packing Pushkari's suitcase  he grabs Pushkari's hand and swings her out of his house .

Stunned is Vishal and Pushkari as they never expected this behavior out of him .

Vikram Uncle .....Vishal queered .

Vikram 's body blazed  with  fire and he says looking into Pushkari "Never  show your smarty you in front of me ".

As you  are dead for me . Because for me love sucks .N and I  had tough time  dealing with this term called 'LOVE' and other things that happened in  our life because of this LOVE  which you won't understand it right now .

Namarata squeezes Vikram 's shoulders and hugs  him from behind to Pushkari dislike .Pa we are leaving Pushkari says and pulling Vishal  by his arms she leaves home .This scene makes Vishal happy as years ago Vikram did the same thing  like he did today by rejection his mom's proposal over his aunt 's proposal. Namarata barricading their way  speaks out "Vishal my older sister i.e .your mom never told me about her feeling towards 's Vikram and then...when we got married  she tried to burn us alive and now you are taking my daughter away to do the same thing na.."

"Shit Vishal ! you could never  be close to Sway Jiju , he was only one  who rescued us from your mother's wrath . Get it cleared ! my sister is not a saint to get rejected by  Vikram .It was she who could no accept Vikram because money mattered the most to her  .

Few years later after our marriage, Jiju died of mental illness caused by your mother .I  never thought the smarty Pushkari would end up with you" Namarata said this by moving away from the spot where she stood by blocking their way .

Ma stop it please ,Pushkari says and adds 'Ma by creating a false story in front us you cannot force us to change our decision '.

Hearing these words Preeti who has been keeping quiet for a while  suddenly slaps her own  sister  hard and says 'Leave the house now and  get burned  by his mother  like the way she did to be me when I was 2 year old  while our  parents were away "She say by  showing the burn mark  on  her  back .  

This fueled the hatred  which Pushkari nursed against Preeti more and she did something which she too never expected to do .Pushkari tried to strangulate Preeti with her own hands .

Years passed by making Pushkari regret her action done ...She wished to reach out to them but something in her stopped her from doing so .As there is long way to go back to her roots.... 


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