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Tales of N and V part Fourteen

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V getting ready for office opens his  letter box up  and put all his letters that are retrieved  from the letter box  in  his bag and runs down to board his waiting car .On reaching his office  he get himself occupied  with  never -ended  client meetings .

N on the other hand  gets ready for clinic and leaves home after doing some needful household chorus as N amarata professional  is a dentist who had been on break for sometime. 

As Vikram's  life  was full of bumpy roads  .
But today life feels OK , as Preeti has finally decided to marry a guy of her father's choice.
It has been like a nightmare  for Vikram and her since Pushkari has left with Vishal forever .

While thinking on these line , she reaches the clinic and parks  her vehicle in front of it .Nodding to her patients she goes inside her cabin and requests her receptionist  to start sending in  the patients one by one .

Her receptionist duely does it .
V and N  after doing their respective work , headed home together because V  had sent  his vehicle to drop his  lady staff home as it had become quiet late .
So he calls  Namarata and requests her  to  come to the common spot where it would be easy for her to pick  him up .N comes to spot and picks him by inquiring  about his day in his office . V just smiles and says  'Good'and takes the keys from her hands by taking  his soft , juicy lips towards  the  smoothest lips and kisses her lips  very hard. N blushed and with a flushed face she comes out his fold .V laughed aloud on seeing her blush like 'you still have not change a bit , my  shy babes 'N punches his arm in delight. Finally after taking the main role of driver V  drives it happily as it been years , since he has taken a driver 's seat. N  too feels happy for him and enjoy the drive with him .

While driving V  see Pushkari and mutters a cruse .N hearing his words turns her head  to see , what caused  her husband V's  mood to change so drastically ?.

Seeing Pushkari N's heart beat and pulse rate  starts beating harder and harder .V suddenly looks at N and keeps her hands on his thighs and caresses her head. Seeing those beautiful dove eyes  which  had turned expressionless his heart broke and patting her hands which he kept on his thighs he said "Dear , do not worry about the things that happened  in  our past ".

Pushkari....would not come back home to spoil our whatever little  reputation which we still have .So chill!.Pushkari who know lives her friend Divya feels ashamed of her actions and leaves her house with saying a world as her friend's  husband Hari and  she had SEX in her Divya's  bedroom  which her daughter did not like at all  and ran away from Divya's  place .

Now Pushkari did not have a  life as her entire family that consists of Vishal , her daughter , Preeti and her parents had left her to hell. 

Standing with a suitcase in her hands , she waits for a auto-rickshaw to take her to women's hostel  nearby .When Hari sees her  , he stops her by S.W.A.T analyzing the situation.

Shameful Pushkari comes back to Hari's place .Divya who already is aware  about this affair  throws her out of her life by giving terrible gaalis to her  which a normal sensitive person would not like utter  or hear .

A Sobbing Pushkari leaves Divya's residence and tries taking her life by jumping off the sea -link  .But she is stopped by ....a hand .Guess what , who might have come to  save her ? .

It is none other than Vishal and her daughter  who know her too well !.They come there and saves her. 
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