Tuesday, 30 December 2014

A Big Thank You @ My blogger mates

Hi Y'all
Good Afternoon
'I hope y'all must be making plans for tonight 's  new year   party' hmm hmm isn't it .I know I know Y'all might have already planned an outing .No luck In my case as........
My family  has   made some plans too to welcome 2015 in a grand way which they haven't informed me yet .That is thing which I hate as I don't know what they are up to.......... These days 

Chalo lets leaves theses thing aside. As the people close to you may or may not change ....

 Before the end of year I want to thank Y'all for reading blogs and encouraging me to write more and more  such blogs .

A Big Thank You : All the bloggers who inspired me to take up this big step of starting a blog .

Special thanks to my dear friend and an author of Kingdom Come 
For her indirect encouragement in a way . Her blogs are fun  to ready
  • Arti----- metro reader flame  https://metroreader.wordpress.com/.Her blogs post are brilliant to read She is reviewer writer .I enjoy reading her blogs .
  • The Book Club  Facebook page  http://bookclubblogtours.blogspot.in/ . For conducted blog tours , for conducting author interviews and for writing  reviews .
  • http://www.iwrotethose.com/ .This is the blog which I had come across only after reading a link which was share on my Fb page.Here the blogger Sid Balchandran  .write blogs on different topics which is quiet interesting to read and it is learning in a way that how the bloggers write their blogs and attract the audience attention

 My Inspirations 

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