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His Runaway Royal Bride by Tanu Jain

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His Runaway Royal  Bride  is second serving  of  Tanu Jain .The story is about Maharaja Veer Singh of Samogpur  and his wife Meethi who vanishes from his life and how he brings back into his life by banishing all her fears  which forced her to runaway.


                          The Burb:  

When Maharaja Vidhyamaan Veer Singh of Samogpur beautiful young wife vanished three year ago everyone thought she was dead .When Veer discovers she's actually alive and well he's determined to bring her back home to her duty.....

Meethi loved Veer passionately but felt shacked in the role of his wife .When Veer Demands her return she must obey but being back by his side is heaven and hell .Because ,despite their new -found happiness ,secrets from the past still linger .And Meethi know that they will threaten to destroy everything............

My views :

 Tanu Jain  books are worth reading  over and over as she has described the places  very well especially 'Bavdi Mahal' in such a way that  makes you fall  in love with those places  .The Author has  portrayed the situation  very well  and designed the characters with lot of ease

Tanu  Jain has described the emotion of characters with a lot eloquence . I like Veer and Meethi characters because they are unique in their own way .She is full of life  whereas he is brooding  man .

The Author has described  Veer 's changing emotions towards Meethi   in a wonderful  manner .She has also  described the behaviour of  other supporting character in an authentic  way like Maaji Saheb sneering looks and the harsh condemning words which she uses on Meethi .The bedroom scenes are bit    explicit and some will find it hard to accept it

Tanu Jain uses some Philosophical theories  of life  in between their romances  . I liked it because its very difficult to use these theories  in  an romance novel but she has done this job with ease .The story is quiet simple,the dialogues are very well written  and the pace of story is 'OK ' 

I give four and half star to this book .Highly recommended to all .

This book is total entertainer   as you won't be able to keep the book down until you finish it 

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