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Book review:The Cure Was Love by Reet Singh

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Few months back  I got  a change to see  Harlequin India's website to check out some more titles in Romance genre but LO OH as I was browsing through the website I found out Author Reet Singh book The Cure Was love  which actually is her second book . I was curious what was story like as somebody had told me about her Writing 's ,her stories ,her beautiful narration keeping that  in mind I purchased the book .When the book arrived I couldn't take my eyes off the cover photo  .The cover of book itself had such a effect on me then 'what would have been the effect-of the novel  on  me after reading it?'Imagine

                                  About the Author:

Reet Singh is surgeon but she makes time for other passions like Reading ,Writing stories and other creative pursuits like solving crosswords ,crochet   etc... .She loves to watch romantic comedies ,love playing Scrabble  and pitting her wits against him .She was first  introduced into the world of books by her mother when she was tot and slowly her love affair with books and slowly and steady she graduated  from fairy tales ,adventure stories and then romances .All thanks to her family  especially her father who served army that took her different places   .Her experiences that she bagged these years found the place in her books . 

For her  Writing about love and happy endings feeds my romantic soul; hearing from my readers thrills me.Reet Singh can approached via email  
 She can be found on :

                                About the story :

Will the young Doctors realize what ails them?
For three months ,Simi Gill get to do what she loves--trains at overseas student program and learns More about medicine .As a bonus she get to forget about her shallow boyfriend who dumps her and worse who hurts her .Living in New york away from her  home in India  she is save delicious Rudy Bhatnagar  .Not once but twice in one night 

A talented surgeon having a golden heart ,Rudy can't stop himself from thinking about Simi.He tries hard very hard not to think about Simi---- having his heart broken once before , he isn't sure that he can take such a big risk again

But Fates has other plan .Thrown together by bizarre circumstance ,they survive a bullet and babysitting with aplomb .
Will they realize they are perfect for each other 

                   My Take :

Reet Singh is successfully hooked her readers for second time around with her latest release  .The title of book is quiet  catchy  .The story line is simple based on two young doctors and its very interesting too  .The Cover pic looks cool and attractive .It grabs our  attention .

Reet Singh has succeeded in entertaining us with her second release  .The story is simple and it is written very well.
The dialogues are very well crafted .The emotions are very well portrayed .Scenes between the two  are beautiful describes .The situations in which they put in are very well designed in such a way that you  will be engrossed in their world. This  is  what Author Reet Singh is capable off. As she keeps her readers hooked to her books 

I like Simi's and Rudy 's characters  the most because they are unique in their own way .The other supporting character were good in their own way  . The pace is story is fast but the author has manged to entertained us with her stories .Waiting for some more stories  from you Author..... 

The Cure Was Love by Reet Singh  is Fabulous book to read .It can be red   over and over  by a person when he/she is stressed out or other wise.I would give this BOOK  A  5 STARS 

Highly recommended
With Warm Hugs 

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